LIVE WED SEP 14. Avoid Burnout and Break Through B2B Failure Statistics

B2B Marketing Pros - Lance Knaub & Susan McHugh

Over the last two-plus years, business owners and professionals have been thrust in somewhat of a wake-up call where our values and priorities have been put to the test. Working professionals have been tested on their loyalty not only with employers, but within ourselves, as well. I for one can attest to changes in my own values and priorities, but I know I am not alone.

Just prior to the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, I had made a commitment to myself to be disciplined about a 35-hour work week. Inspired in part by the well-known book 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris, I did not deceive myself into thinking that I could work less after I work too hard for too long, but rather I should strive to live the life I want today, and build my business around that.

But words are words and actions are actions. For a while, I was doing well with my goal, but reality is that over the last few months I have been working a good 50-60 hours each week. Not only does this go against my values and my commitment, but also it is not healthy for me because it puts me at risk of burnout. And if you have ever experienced true burnout before, you know it is a place you want to avoid.

Avoid Burnout

The last time I experienced burnout, it lasted for several months and it was extremely difficult to work through. Not only was I physically in a bad place, but also mentally and emotionally. In fact, I was in the process of giving up on my business entirely before I came to know a certain gentleman and his book who have both become a great ally and resource for me.

Meet Dr. Lance Knaub, author of the 4% Break-Thru book and Founder of Breakthru Physical Therapy & Fitness, a multi-million dollar multi-location physical fitness and therapy business in New Jersey. In Lance’s book, he shares his 4% break-thru process to help save you pain and time and scale your business to become a valuable asset.

Lance joins us this month for B2B Hour on AutoConversion, to discuss the importance of health and wellness for business owners and leaders, and provide useful tips and insights for working professionals to be healthy and true to our core mission and values.

Another guest this month is Susan McHugh, a two-time cancer survivor and certified cancer coach who sells YoungLiving Essential Oils and therapy strategies for women facing the threat of cancer. Sue will be leading the Health & Wellness segment on this episode to share some tips involving her oils.

B2B Hour on AutoConversion

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At the personal level, health and wellness are essential to our happiness and success. At the industrial level, health and wellness in the form of health care are big business.

TikTok’s Chinese owner ByteDance recently paid about 10 billion yuan to take full ownership of Amcare Healthcare, which runs women’s and children’s hospitals in cities from Beijing to Shenzhen. Two ByteDance subsidiaries now own a combined 100% stake of Amcare, according to corporate registry tracker Qichacha.

Amazon also recently announced that it intends to buy One Medical, a primary care provider that leverages in-person, digital, and virtual interactions in its services. One Medical went public in 2020 and Amazon said it will be paying $18 per share for the company, working out to an enterprise value of $3.9 billion. The e-commerce and cloud services behemoth has been making a number of inroads into the field under its own steam, including launching an online pharmacy and building an on-demand healthcare services platform.

In other News…

Microsoft wants to add Stories to corporate portals
Microsoft aims to bring the ‘stories’ feature from social media to the enterprise with a forthcoming addition to the company’s Viva “employee experience” (i.e. intranet) platform. Stories is a part of Viva Engage, a new “AI-powered” component of Viva and app in Microsoft Teams that “provides employees with personal expression tools,” like creating and sharing video Stories. It’s a replacement for the Yammer Communities for Teams, which is going away soon.

Gmail is now officially allowed to spam-proof politicians’ emails
The Federal Election Commission approved a new proposal from Google to keep campaign emails from being marked as spam. Google announced the new proposal after a recent study found that the company was disproportionately flagging Republican fundraising emails as spam when compared to those of Democratic lawmakers and candidates.

Google’s plan would allow for candidates, political party committees, and leadership political action committees to apply for the program that would make their messages exempt from Gmail’s spam detection systems. While Google did not need the FEC to approve the plan before rolling it out, it sought a vote earlier this summer to ensure the program wasn’t at risk of breaking current election regulations.

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