Which Auto Makers Are Winning in Social Media?

An infographic was recently published by Unmetric that reveals how auto makers are fairing in Social Media. Data was compiled in May 2013 due to insight that the auto industry was driving 7x more engagement than any other industry segment with photos on Facebook. Unmetric’s auto report built off this discovery and pulled the additional data across the other social networks in order to offer the most comparable insights for that period.

You can see from the infographic that the German’s are leading the way on all four platforms measured – Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube. Audi has the largest followings on Facebook (6.8 Million) and on Twitter (355K) while VW has the largest subscriber base on YouTube with 98 Million and the best engagement rate on Pinterest with 20.1 fan repine for every pin posted in May and 7.7 likes per pin. Porsche has the second largest Facebook fan base with 5.5 Million.

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