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Video Hacks for Automotive F&I - Julie Yatchak

Think the use of video is only for sales? Think again. ProSource Finance LLC. Director Julie Yatchak joins us this week for a special edition of Video Marketing Hacks for Auto Retail to share some of her tips, tricks, and best practices with the use of video in the F&I department.

ProSource Finance specializes in Automotive RV, Motor Sport, and Heavy Duty Truck finance departments and finance compliance and outsourcing. Plus, the company offers programs that help to expand the customer reach for such businesses, and improve their bottom line.

Julie is a new face in the company, and she has agreed to share with us some of plans and ideas for incorporating the use of video into the experience with her customers. Julie, by the way, supported clients and partners at Flick Fusion since 2013. Flick Fusion is the sponsor of this webcast series.

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About this Series

The Video Marketing Hacks for Auto Retail Webcast Series features webinars designed for auto retail marketing professionals interested in mastering what it takes to be effective with video in auto retail.

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