Video Marketing for Auto Retail – Free Online Video Course [VIDEO]

Video Marketing for Auto Retailers - Free Guide

Auto retailers are doing a lot of great things these days with video. From customer testimonial videos to personalized walk around videos and vehicle inventory videos, there is no doubt that video marketing for auto retailers is being embraced.

But is video marketing only about the content itself?

“No,” says Tim James, COO of Flick Fusion. “Video marketing is not just about video.”

What’s missing for most dealers is a wholly integrated video marketing strategy, where you have access to data and analytics that you can act on to create a more personalized customer experience. A strategy where dealers can not only create personalized videos, but also deliver them in a personalized way, with branding elements, and conversion capabilities that integrate with your CRM.

Video Marketing for Auto Retail

Flick Fusion provides a robust video marketing platform for auto dealers. In my conversation here with Mr. James, you will hear him explain how the proper use of video can give dealers the ability to increase the informational value and the emotional value. Dealers can then utilize that data to enhance that experience even more, by making sure you are getting the right message at the right time to the right customer.

As we discussed, video marketing at your dealership is not just about creating videos. Other factors that come into play involve data, personalization, equipment, scalability, CRM integration, and distribution.

In addition to video for your dealership, individuals at the dealership also can incorporate video into their sales and customer service routines. Tools and techniques for doing this vary, and each individual will require different levels of training and resources.

Overview of Free Online Video Course for Auto Retail

Fun Fact:  Nearly 75% of shoppers prefer video to text for branded marketing and, according to Cisco data, internet videos aimed directly at consumers is expected to grow by about 30% by 2021. (source)

That’s the basis for why rooting your website in video will engage from the minute someone lands on your website.

In this free online video course are 12 videos ranging from 3-5 minutes each, allowing you to watch only the ones you want, when you want. The course is broken into 4 sections:

  1. To Video or Not to Video
  2. Types of Videos to Produce
  3. Equipment and Technology
  4. Hosting, Distribution, and Data

Course Preview

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