Toyota And Tesla Motors Finalize Deal

Tesla Motors has become a respectable name in eco-friendly vehicles, particularly the all-electric variety. Toyota not so much. Which makes this deal a rather unique one, and a rewarding one for both parties.


Toyota has had a respectable brand name since coming to U.S. shores in 1957. Its reputation really preceded it. By the mid-1960s, Toyota had entrenched its reputation as a great car manufacturer in the United States. While Toyota doesn’t exactly have the sales to prove its commitment to eco-friendly driving, it is recognized as the manufacturer of the most fuel efficient gasoline vehicle on the road – the Prius. But that’s just one vehicle.


Toyota’s success with the Prius coupled with its financial power and Tesla Motors’ commitment to alternative energy in automotive manufacturing make their partnership a very powerful one. The two companies made their finalization announcement last week.


The vehicle the two companies will partner on as a first effort is an electric version of the Toyota RAV4. The RAV4 is a Recreational Active Vehicle with 4-wheel drive, a compact SUV that really set the market for compact SUVs. Toyota is known for its innovations and that’s why partnering with Tesla Motors to make the RAV4 an all-electric vehicle makes sense.


The RAV4 is expected to hit the streets in 2012. It will feature a Tesla electric drivetrain inside the RAV4 body and integrated with other key components of Toyota manufacturing. The only question that seems to be unanswered regarding the all-electric RAV4 and Toyota’s marriage to Tesla Motors is “Is the market ready for it?” I’m banking that, by 2012, it will be.


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