⏯️ 2020 Video Marketing Trends to Watch for in Auto Retail

Video Marketing for Auto Retail Roundtable Discussion Panel - 2020 Trends to Watch

As we round out the final weeks of 2019, one thing to be thinking about as an auto retailer headed into the third decade of the 21st century must be your video marketing strategy. And as we have explored in depth throughout the year, video marketing is not just about the videos that you make.

From planning and design to hosting and distribution, your video marketing strategy should ideally be able to place the right videos at the right time in front of the right people. But this is much easier said than done. And what exactly does this look like?

In our next Video Marketing for Auto Retail Roundtable Discussion Panel, we set out to explore the landscape of video in auto retail, first by evaluating what we saw working in 2019, and then by contemplating on what we can expect to change over the coming year.

And as a special segment we also have Terry Lancaster  talking with us about 5 Things Salespeople Can Do Today To Get More Comfortable Using Video.

Video Marketing for Auto Retail Roundtable Panel Discussion

Aired November 2019

About the Panelists…

Adam Thrasher, VP of Business Intelligence at R22.io [LinkedIn]

Thrasher uses data and technology to identify key performance indicators and top performing marketing channels to improve ROI. His passion is to help businesses make more money while spending less on marketing.

Chad Morgan, Founder & CEO of Quickpage App [LinkedIn]

Chad has nearly 10 years experience with successfully using video in online marketing and sales strategies. His Quickpage app was developed to bridge the gap between salespeople and customers. It’s a sales app that helps you create real, human relationships with your customers so that you can build trust and close deals.

Terry Lancaster, VP of Making Sh*t Happen [Contributor]

Terry is a regular Contributor here on AutoConversion who is dedicated to helping salespeople make more money, create more reviews, referrals & repeat business by building better relationships

Collin Davis, CEO & Founder, Cartender [LinkedIn]

Collin is a highly-driven technology expert with over a decade of experience in video production, marketing technology, business operations and web development. He is passionate about business, product and process, and I enjoy collaborating in these areas with others. Cartender is a martech company that creates data-driven videos for automotive retailers.

About This Panel

This Video Marketing for Auto Retail Roundtable Discussion Panel is one of six different segments featured in the Auto Retail Webcast Series. Each segment is conducted approximately once a month and features two or more panelists.

The sessions are conducted via Zoom webinar and streamed live on our YouTube channel. They are recorded and then featured on the AutoConverse Podcast.

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