News Brief: Volvo Uses Car’s A.I. to Conduct Job Interviews

Volvo Car Interviews Job Candidates

Automotive AI has become a slick selling point for many car manufacturers.  A car that knows a driver has become a great way to highlight how customizable a vehicle is.  Drivers can set their car’s AI to automatically adjust everything from the seat position and cabin temperature to the side mirrors and playlist it loads automatically.  The ease and comfort makes the driver feel as though the car really knows them.

But what if the car wants the driver to know them just as well?

It’s a question that Volvo is attempting to answer via its HR90/S90 campaign.  They’ve teamed up with a creative agency called FamousGrey to retrofit an S90 into a self-recruiting machine in search of the perfect technician.  The upgrade involved an advanced artificial intelligence program that could interview candidates on the fly during the Brussels Motor Show.

Volvo Car interviews candidates

Volvo is on the hunt for 50 candidates to fill positions at their Ghent factory as well as local dealerships.  Interested candidates submit their applications online and the car then interviews them directly.  The AI used pattern and facial recognition to assess what the candidate looked like and their facial expressions.  The interview was conducted via the car’s central touchscreen and candidates were quizzed on their knowledge and experience.  Once the interview is over, the AI uses all of the information gathered to assess a candidates qualifications, motivation, and social skills.  Based on that, it generates an evaluation report which is automatically forwarded to Volvo’s HR department.  Candidates, meanwhile, are able to upload additional information about themselves as a profile for the HR department to consider.  Once they’ve had a chance to read HR90’s recommendations, they let candidates know if they are being called back for a human interview.

The campaign is being widely publicized via social both professional and personal social media outlets.  Volvo hopes to reach as many potential candidates as possible while others point out it’s an efficient way to conduct first wave interviews without investing too many man hours.

Could this be the future of job hunting?


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