Multi-Purpose Video Marketing – A Glimpse Into the Future

Multi-Purpose Video Marketing

From choosing hosting and distribution services and why retaining control of the experience is so important to how to best use the data you can collect, we have tried to cover the important beyond-the-basics fundamentals of an effective video campaign in this multi-part series by Flick Fusion. If nothing else, I’m sure we’ve driven home the point that video is, quite simply, the most powerful tool of engagement you can use today.

With that in mind, where do we go from here?

In order to really answer that question, it is important to take an honest look at the challenges facing video today.

Today’s Problem

As it stands today, videos online are hosted in an ‘across the board’ sort of way, but still isolated from each other. Each video is hosted and distributed on isolated platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.) While this does offer access to pretty much everyone, it restricts how shareable it is and limits the information content creators can garner through these campaigns.

Example of Single-Purpose Video

Tomorrow’s Solution

With a Multi-Purpose video strategy, creators retain control of the content and the data it can deliver. By using those other platforms more like springboards, companies can access the larger audience and draw them onto a platform THEY control.

By hosting most videos on a single server, creators can pull in various pieces of actionable data including:

  • Viewing History
  • Geo Location
  • CRM Data
  • Previous Touch Points
  • Promotional Data
  • Marketing Data

Example of Multi-Purpose Video

Having that level of data pulled in and compared to the type of videos and marketing you offer delivers an unparalleled level of detail.

Real-World Dealership Customer Scenario

As explained in the video by Flick Fusion COO Tim James, a current customer of a dealership may sit latent in a CRM database for months or years. Maybe you’ve sent marketing or promotional material to them for an equity offer, but never heard a reply. So they sit. And sit.

But then, seemingly out of nowhere, they start checking out an inventory video a dealer has online. With a Multi-Purpose marketing approach, the dealer’s CRM would flag that new engagement, link it to the customer’s information – as well as the equity offer you’ve been sending – and could take action right away.

Dealers could choose to simply get notifications about the customer’s re-engagement or the system could be set up to flash a pop-up with that equity offer they have associated with their account. Banner ads, fresh videos and other options can also be used – once you are harnessing the data and control, your options are almost limitless.

The potential for immediate and direct engagement aside, this approach also gives the dealer two huge advantages:

They are alerted the customer is back sooner than ever before. Information that previously could have taken days or weeks to make it to their desk is now delivered instantly.

Dealers can use geo-targeting to find out if that customer is still shopping around on other dealers’ lots or has honed in on what you’re offering.

These same tools and advantages can be used to engage with every customer – or potential customer – who watches your videos. From those who have been working with you for years to someone who was in the other day and has now popped up watching a video through a competitor’s website.

Let’s face it – engagement works. It always has.

Back in the day, car dealers and business owners would stand out on the street, glad handing and engaging with the public. Those who put in that time of active engagement went on to build empires and write books on how to sell. Multi-Purpose Video Marketing is an approach that allows dealers to engage with the public where they are – ONLINE.

About This Series

This video and post are part of a series titled Video Marketing for Auto Retailers which also includes a Free Online Video Course.  The series and course are brought to you exclusively by Flick Fusion – the auto industry’s foremost video marketing platform. Previously published titles in the series include:

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