THU DEC 19. More Video Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2020 – Live Web Chat

Video Marketing for Auto Retail - Adam Thrasher, Chad Morgan, Terry Lancaster

The video marketing panel from last month where we sparked a conversation about trends to watch for in 2020 was such a hit, we are back this month for round two. And in this session we will be expanding on some of the ideas that came up last month about video marketing trends to be on the lookout for.

In our previous conversation, Adam Thrasher gave us a recap of the recent Automotive Analytics and Attribution Summit where he had just returned from. Chad Morgan shared some insights about text messaging and video response rates. And Collin Davis riddled us with his knowledge about evergreen content, YouTube, and SEO. Not to mention Terry’s always witty insertions.

Video Marketing for Auto Retail Panel Discussion

Live on Thursday, December 19th at 2 o’clock Central (US & Canada)

About the Panelists…

Adam Thrasher, VP of Business Intelligence at [LinkedIn]

Thrasher uses data and technology to identify key performance indicators and top performing marketing channels to improve ROI. His passion is to help businesses make more money while spending less on marketing.

Chad Morgan, Founder & CEO of Quickpage App [LinkedIn]

Chad has nearly 10 years experience with successfully using video in online marketing and sales strategies. His Quickpage app was developed to bridge the gap between salespeople and customers. It’s a sales app that helps you create real, human relationships with your customers so that you can build trust and close deals.

Terry Lancaster, VP of Making Sh*t Happen [Contributor]

Terry is a regular Contributor here on AutoConversion who is dedicated to helping salespeople make more money, create more reviews, referrals & repeat business by building better relationships

About This Panel

This Video Marketing for Auto Retail Panel Discussion Series is one of six different segments featured in the Auto Retail Webcast Series. Each segment is conducted approximately once a month and features two or more panelists.

The sessions are conducted via Zoom webinar and streamed live on our YouTube channel. They are recorded and then featured on the AutoConverse Podcast.

Want to Participate?

There are several ways you can participate…

For starters, use the comments section below to post questions and ideas ahead of time to be included in the live panel. If the panel has past, then use the comments section to post feedback and ideas related to the conversation.

Additionally, you can sign up free to participate in the Q&A either as an Attendee to the webinar or as a Panelist with audio and/or video.

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