HELIOS: The First Truly Integrated Solution for Auto Retail and Consumers

Editor’s Note: This post was modified from its original contents after AutoConversion and HELIOS forged a partnership. The essence of the original message has been preserved but updated too better reflect the relationship in the interest of HELIOS.

Today I was introduced to a new product hitting the scene called HELIOS, which interfaces auto dealers and consumers directly within the native Facebook environment for both sales and service related activities. This is the first type of product like this that I’ve seen before, and its piqued my curiosity a bit.

The system appears to have both a consumer-facing use and dealer-facing interface as well. From what I can gather, consumers are able to interface with dealers from their own Facebook user account, shopping vehicles and scheduling service appointments. There is also a “My Car” feature which suggests that HELIOS tracks important diagnostics about your vehicle, much like the HUM by Verizon gadget that is coming to market.

HELIOS is much more than a diagnostics tool. It’s more than a shopping tool really. HELIOS appears to be what it touts on its website, a “Social Mobile Customer Engagement” solution.

To learn more about HELIOS click here.



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