Ford Uses Explorer As Guinea Pig For Facebook Marketing Success

Ford made history on July 26, 2010 when it revealed the 2011 Ford Explorer exclusively on Facebook. The move scored big with online car shoppers in some astounding ways:

  • There was a 104% increase in traffic to Ford Explorer pages in Jumpstart Automotive Group’s websites on that day.
  • Daily users for Ford Explorer pages on Jumpstart’s websites more than doubled compared to the July average.
  • Daily page usage for days immediately following the reveal date also improved by 66%, 25%, 13% and 8%, showing that Facebook marketing can pay off big if done well.
  • Ford’s share of of SUV shoppers on Jumpstart’s websites grew by 52% on the reveal date.
  • The Ford Explorer was the most researched SUV on Jumpstart sites that day.
  • Dollar for dollar, Ford’s return on investment for the Facebook reveal outperformed the company’s return on Super Bowl ads in 2010, which resulted in only a 14% increase in shopping growth.

Source: Press Release


Jumpstart and Ford proved that Facebook marketing can work for the automotive industry. The Facebook-only reveal of the 2011 Ford Explorer is the first such Facebook marketing success for new auto roll outs in automotive industry history.

Reader Caution

There are some fan-run pages out there so when you check this out take note of that. Fan-run pages are ok, but it would be a shame to think you found the official Ford Fan page when in truth you haven’t. The image to your right is from one of the stronger Fan-run pages. Below are links to other Ford and advertising activities and information.


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