A Break in the Clouds for Auto Retailers?

Break in the Clouds for Auto Retailers

There’s plenty to complain about these days. The current COVID-19 pandemic has given everyone reason to complain or worry. But dealing with a challenging time is a lot harder when you focus solely on the negative. Conversely, looking for the silver lining can go a long way in helping people cope through any situation – even this one.

Looking for the silver lining or opportunity in the middle of a challenging time isn’t about ignoring the problem, it’s about planning for life after the crisis has passed – which it will.

In fact, upwards to 29 states have plans to open some things up again as early as this week.

The entire world is currently grappling with what COVID-19 means for them both personally and professionally. Industries are changing, companies are struggling to find ways to adapt and, quite frankly, there are plenty of people who are worried, and for good reason.

But facing a challenge doesn’t mean being defeated by it.

We spoke with Katie Jackson-Richter from Cuneo Advertising in early March just as the COVID-19 pandemic was gaining traction in the mainstream. Even in those early days, Katie found reassurance in how many people were approaching the situation with a view of the future. Here she is at 16:50 in this video recorded on March 10th as part of the Advanced Auto Retail Marketing group mastermind.

“We’re talking about a very serious matter, something that’s impacting our economy and [the health of] our people. But we’re already talking about the things that we’re going to learn from this and how we’re gonna come out of it a stronger industry and nation.”

Looking towards the future is great, but what about now? Finding a silver lining in the present is what gives us the strength and motivation to keep moving forward.

When the news is overrun with stories about families in crisis, businesses on the verge of collapse and seemingly no end in sight, these slivers of positivity give us hope.

Suddenly, companies have had to adopt more flexible working hours, routines and environments. Some have finally had to embrace things like virtual showrooms or online payment and account management.

While the catalyst for these changes is unfortunate, the progress is still worth celebrating. Mike Correra from DealerBuilt laid it out simply in the same conversation back in March.

“There are GMs and Dealer Principals and managers that are old school that look at it as bell-to-bell, no weekends off, that kind of thing,” he said. “Now they’re starting to be forced into things that may be more beneficial for us health-wise to let some people work from home. […] It’s taken something like this to change that and that’s going to be a positive spin that comes out of it. Something this serious can still have a silver lining.”

There’s no debate: The world will forever be a different place even as the COVID-19 pandemic burns out. For many, finding the positive changes it has created will go a long way in helping come out of the crisis stronger and more resilient than we were before – and keep our sanity in the meantime.

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