Bill Gates behind funding for eco-friendly engines

EcoMotors recently received $23.5M in venture capital from software mogul Bill Gates and Khosla Ventures for a new kind of engine, one that is environmentally friendly.

The engine is called Opposed Piston Opposed Cylinder (OPOC). That’s a fancy way of saying 2-cycle engine. The idea is to place a crankshaft betwixt two cylinders, each with two pistons that move in opposite directions. The new design eliminates the valve train and cylinder head for a lighter, more compact engine that is also more efficient and produces lower emissions. It still runs on gasoline.

While this does not put the internal combustion engine behind us, it is a step in the right direction for generating equivalent power with less dust. The engines are designed to work with existing infrastructures to easily replace engines like the four-stroke combustible engines used in many passenger cars. They will also be less expensive than these engines.

EcoMotors makes engines that run on diesel or gasoline but have greater power density, weigh less and produce lower carbon emissions than conventional engines. OPOC engines are being developed for passenger vehicles, as well as for commercial vehicles, aerospace and power generators.

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