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It’s been about two years since we started using the company YouTube channel for live streaming. The only regular programming we were featuring then was the Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show, which at that time was called AC ON AIR.

We had been streaming live to Facebook for a few months since the initial launch of the show, but due to a technical glitch had to stream the show one day on YouTube…and we never looked back. In fact, here is the video rewind that featured Sherri Riggs from DrivingSales.

Shortly afterwards we launched the Auto Retail Marketing Mastermind program and began streaming our webinar-based panel discussions to our YouTube channel as well. Which meant that about twice a week we were live streaming content for automotive retailers and mobility tech companies.

But as a company that offers products and services for both Automotive B2B and Retail, we also began using the company channel for business-to-business minded content. For instance, in September 2019 we introduced the White Collar Therapy & Leadership Show. And then in February of 2019 we began doing our B2B Marketing and Sales Hacks webcasts on the channel.

Combined, we have been live streaming 2-4 programs each week, about half of which was intended for industry interests and half for professional interests. And there are now more than 200 live streamed recordings on our channel.

But if you are not a B2B marketer, then half of this information might not be relevant to you. Which leads us to this announcement – effective July 2020, the MTC Show and Auto Retail Marketing programming has moved to the AutoConverse YouTube channel, allowing us to keep the AutoConversion YouTube channel for B2B-minded information, and career and professional development.

What is AutoConverse? began as a social e-commerce network back in 2010. In fact, check out this video promo we had released back then to promote the site.

The initiative didn’t take off and so after a couple years we dismantled the network down to a mere blog focused on “the future of mobility.” 

As the idea of mobility began to mature and the phrase more mainstream, we expanded the theme of AutoConverse to “mobility tech and connectivity.” This is also when we created the show – AC ON AIR, and introduced the AutoConverse Podcast where we featured the live streaming webcast recordings from the show and our auto retail conversations.

Now, AutoConverse has had its own Facebook Page and Twitter handle since inception, and it also has its own YouTube channel. All this time, we have published select video productions there. But we have not used it for live streaming.

Subscribe to AutoConverse for Automotive, Mobility, and Transportation Industry Information

Beginning in July 2020, we will now be using the AutoConverse YouTube channel for live streaming the MTC Show, which now also features the Auto Retail Marketing panel discussions. Therefore, if you would like to continue participating in our live stream productions of the MTC Show and Auto Retail Marketing discussions then you will want to subscribe to the channel.

In addition to the YouTube channel, you may also want to consider following AutoConverse on these social media sites:

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Another thing to consider are your email preferences. As a blog subscriber you have the ability to specify if you want to receive posts from both blogs or just one. So next time you receive an email from the blog, look for the “update your preferences” link at the top of the email.

AutoConversion vs. AutoConverse

Now that we have made the formal transition too feature all automotive, mobility, and transportation industry information to AutoConverse and it’s related entities, this makes it possible to keep AutoConversion reserved for company related information, B2B interests, and professional and career development.

So stay subscribed to the AutoConversion blog and social media channels if you’re a fan of what we do as a company and want to continue collaborating with us about your career, your profession, and/or for your B2B marketing and sales interests.

Thanks for being a fan!

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