AutoConversion Re-Launches the Auto Shopper Experience Webcast Program to Offer Real-World Consumer Insights for the Auto Industry

AutoConversion Re-Launches Program to Offer Real-World Consumer Insights to Auto Industry

Every year, nearly 60 million new and used vehicles are purchased from a licensed dealership in the U.S., be it an independent or a franchise dealer. And according to Statistica, recent data suggests that the average annual sales of service and parts for dealerships is upwards to $7M.

If you do the math, this equates to millions upon millions of consumer transactions with dealers, and even more interactions.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials Don’t Tell the Whole Story

Over the last decade, much emphasis has been placed on customer reviews and testimonials. Problem is that customer testimonials are almost exclusively giving praise to the dealer because the dealer asked them too. And while these might feel good for the dealer, consumers see right through them. They do not tell the whole story.

As for reviews, which can shed light on the good, the bad, and the ugly of customer experiences, they too do not tell the whole story. Individual reviews share a limited views of the customers’ experiences from the comfort of their computers.

Get Complete Raw and Unfiltered Customer Experiences

At AutoConversion, we are setting out to change this with the re-launch of our Auto Shopper Experience Webcast Program.

Beginning in January 2020, AutoConversion is kicking off a revamped session format for the Auto Shopper Experience as part of the Auto Retail Marketing Webcast Series where one or more actual consumers will join us via live stream to talk about a recent (or not-so-recent) dealership experience.

The purpose of this is to let not only dealers but also vendors, agencies, and manufacturers have an opportunity to hear first-hand from consumers their stories, and if registered also have the opportunity to participate in the Q&A and ask our shopper/owner guests questions about their experiences.

Dealer-Minded Content for Our Partners

Another great benefit of the program is that it adds to the vast array of content we produce on behalf of our clients. Like all the content we feature on the AutoBurst Media Network, sessions from the Auto Shopper Experience webcasts will yield objective consumer-based content that our partners can repurpose and merchandise for use on their own blogs, websites, and social media channels.

Sign Up to Participate in the Q&A and Access the Recordings

As with all of our webcast programs, the live streams are accessible to all. Simply subscribe to the AutoConversion YouTube channel and press the bell icon to turn on notifications, and you can be notified via email and your browser each time we go live.

Once the live stream ends, however, the recorded archives go automatically Unlisted meaning that without a link to the recording you won’t be able to view it. So another way to access the recordings is to register with the series.

By registering, you will be able to participate in the Q&A of the live webinar where you can ask questions for our guests, and you will also receive an invite to join the #AUTO_RETAIL_WEBCASTS channel in our Slack Member Network where the archives are stored, plus other great benefits.

Find out more by visiting the registration page for the Auto Shopper Experience Webcast Program today, and consider being a part of this new take on Auto Retail Marketing.

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