Overview of the Auto Retail Marketing Mastermind Program 2.0

Introducing the enhanced Auto Retail Marketing Mastermind Program

After two full years of development and experimentation, we at AutoConversion are proud to announce the newly revamped Auto Retail Marketing Mastermind Program, alas 2.0.

This diverse program, which many are already familiar with, combines new media, marketing education, and conference marketing philosophies to create a unique professional media persona experience. One that allows auto retail marketing professionals the ability to network and learn conveniently and asynchronously, and with a powerful media bi-product as well.

True Media Presence

When you participate in an industry conference, nowadays a virtual one, as a speaker or panelist, the benefits begin and end with the people in the room with you only, and maybe for the few that actually consume the recording afterwards. Which is not common.

When you participate in our events as a guest or panelist, not only are you featured in the media that we create together, e.g. videos, blogs, and podcasts, but also you have the option to custom post-produce the material to better serve your own marketing and PR strategy.

TIP: This is useful for PR firms, as well.

Network of Media Influencers

Your brand and online reputation are pretty important these days. And nobody understands this more than we do. Which is why we designed the program to give thought-leading participants, which we call Influencers, the opportunity to enhance the time and effort they put into working with us by giving them the ability to make their own content from our recorded material.

With more than 150 people who have already participated, at least half of which on multiple occasions, AutoConversion is a premier destination for industry influencers seeking to leverage their media persona and influence.

The Mastermind Program

The AutoConversion Mastermind Program presently consists of six different discussion groups and two roundtables. With more to come in due time.

The discussion groups include:

  1. Advanced Auto Retail
  2. Automotive Sales Pros
  3. Consumer Experience
  4. Fixed Ops Strategies
  5. Used Car Marketing
  6. Video Marketing

Each week, one of six the discussion groups is featured as a panel on the company’s weekly live webcast – The Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show.

The purpose of the panels is networking and business development for both free and premium members. They are streamed lived on the AutoConverse YouTube Channel and then featured on the AutoConverse Podcast and the Dealer Talk Podcast.

The roundtables are:

  1. Cars on the Move for car haulers, dealers, and auction personnel who are moving cars around;
  2. People on the Move for those in the automotive and mobility businesses who are putting people into cars.

The roundtables are for premium members (and their guests).

Membership Programs

Free members include anyone who is subscribed to our blog, registered for a webinar, or participated in a show or program as a guest or panelist. Our live streaming webcasts are accessible to the public and there is no cost to participate.

Premium membership programs at AutoConversion are for those who want to leverage our programming for commercial or professional purposes. Pricing begins at $20 per month and the programs are tailored for auto retail marketing professionals and automotive B2B marketing professionals.

From the President

In the press release, AutoConversion Founder and President Ryan Gerardi states that he is, “excited to see our [Mastermind] program reach this new level we set out to accomplish more than two years ago.”

“At the time we started,” he says, “we were responding to a need within our young community to network and build on relationships. Now we are looking to build on these efforts in a more meaningful way, where active participants benefit not only from networking and business development, but also from education and learning with accountability.”

When asked about the significance of his company’s latest development, Gerardi says, “We are like an always-on virtual conference. We provide community members with the ability to network and learn at their convenience.”

Gerardi also explains how it’s been this way even before the COVID-19 pandemic. “We’ve been doing this a while and the benefits aren’t always obvious. But we believe in what we do and the importance of being a resource for media personification in the industry.”

To get started free with the Auto Retail Marketing Mastermind Program follow this link now.


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