New Mobility and AutoTech Opportunities with Blockchain – A Panel Discussion

CXAUTO2021 Panel - New Mobility and AutoTech on Blockchain

From purchasing cars with Bitcoin to auto lending and authenticating ownership of data and secure assets with NFTs, New Mobility and AutoTech are evolving as companies lean on blockchain technologies to innovate how we are connected and the way we get around.

And in June at the 17th annual CXAUTO2021 by Thought Leadership Summits I have the privilege to discuss these unprecedented developments with two pioneers in the space – Erik Day from Warren Henry Auto Group, and Brandi Kolosky with Plensy – a new auto lending solution using blockchain to secure vehicle assets that the company is financing.

As VP and CFO of a major auto group, Erik Day is evaluating the role that blockchain technology could play to help manage, authenticate, and optimize 1st party data across his enterprise for single customer view. In fact, prior to our discussion, Day will be presenting at the virtual summit during his session about transforming your data management platform.

As Chief Growth Officer at Plensy, Brandi Kolosky is on a mission to transform the traditional financial ecosystem with her company’s patent-pending DeFi lending points system. DeFi is crypto-speak for decentralized finance.

In this discussion we will explore how Plensy’s points-based lending system on blockchain innovates the de facto auto lending system by offering asset-backed tokenized loans on vehicles. This approach is the next step not only for future lending but is also poised to revamp credit scoring as a whole.

As moderator, I will be aiming to keep the conversation practical and understandable, as conversations involving blockchain and cryptocurrency can oftentimes become incomprehensible with terms, ideas, and technologies that are unfamiliar to the masses.

We’ll be talking about everything from how blockchains work to how they’re changing almost every major industry in the world.

  • What is the significance of Blockchain technology for the auto industry?
  • How are OEMs utilizing blockchain to secure and/or monetize their most valuable digital commodity?
  • How can dealerships use blockchain and NFTs to prioritize and optimize data management and privacy?
  • Will we need industry standards for blockchain technologies and if so what would they look like?
  • What do dealers need to evaluate when leveraging blockchain technologies?

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