AutoBurst Media Introduces the Refresh Fridays Weekly Broadcast Series on DealerRefresh

Introducing Refresh Fridays on DealerRefresh

Earlier this year we began experimenting with a new broadcast concept. The idea was to conduct a periodic live broadcast that was casual and fun yet productive for us and for the DealerRefresh audience. After a few tests, Refresh Fridays was born.

“Refresh Fridays” is a recurring webinar series broadcast live on DealerRefresh (most Fridays), hosted by Ryan GerardiJeff KershnerSteve Stauning, and Tom LaPointe where we catch up on that week’s (and upcoming) events and activities, hot topics and discussions on the Blog and in the Forums, and where we explore other topics and subjects related to Auto Retail, often times with a guest (or two).

Special Guests every week

In addition to the hosts, we often invite one or more Guest Panelists to appear on the live broadcast or dial in. Ideally, everyone joins through video conference. When that is not possible then you can dial in via phone.

The Refresh Fridays concept

The live broadcast is capped at 30-minutes because we want people feeling the need to tune in each week and come back for more, knowing it won’t interfere with their day.

The idea behind Refresh Fridays is to be MEMBER-FOCUSED. DealerRefresh has more than 8,500 registered members and reaches more than 30,000 people each month through the blog, forum, email, and social media. By focusing on our members’ needs and interests, we are able to bring the content and conversations to life that are occurring digitally and socially.

Recording and Distribution

Each Refresh Friday is recorded and edited. In some instances, we produce and release it as a standalone video and podcast. In other instances, we only extract bits and excerpts to include in other DealerRefresh media productions. The original Facebook Live recording is also always available on Facebook.


DealerRefresh has strong media partnerships with many of the conferences, events, and expos in Auto Retail. We also have a growing alliance of strategic partnerships, alas “Sponsors” that support what we do and make it possible. Refresh Friday is not meant to be a platform for anyone to push an agenda or a branded message. We do of course use Refresh Fridays to bring awareness of and spark interest in the activities of DealerRefresh and our members.

How to Join the Refresh Fridays Live Streaming 


Anyone can view Refresh Friday broadcasts live on the DealerRefresh Facebook page. People can also view unedited recordings of these broadcast in the Videos section of the page.

*UPDATE – March 1, 2018 – AutoBurst Media will no longer be producing Refresh Fridays nor involved with co-hosting.

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