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JOLT Business Vision Mastermind Group

Starting and running your own business is not for the faint of heart. More often than not, people start a business out of a passion they have for something, but within a year or so they find themselves doing many other things in addition to their passion, if pursuing any of their original passion at all, which compelled them to start the business in the first place.

The result when this happens is burnout and/or failure.

In fact, according to Denali Consulting Founder & CEO Dr. Lance Knaub, 96% of businesses fail within their first 10 years. The reason why, he says, is because they don’t have a strategic plan in place, especially one that is aligned with the business owner’s personal vision and values.

Another challenge that small business owners and entrepreneurs have is advertising, or as we like to say, creating awareness, sparking interest, and driving demand. More specifically, having a professional online media presence and Public Relations strategy, one that is also aligned with these things.

Which is why we are excited to introduce our latest program, the all-new JOLT Business Vision Mastermind for business leaders, owners, and entrepreneurs in partnership with Denali Consulting, a coaching and consulting firm that helps entrepreneurs enjoy their lives while growing their businesses, and AutoBurst Media, our coaching and consulting arm that helps businesses and individuals with their omni-channel multimedia and public relations strategy.

A New Kind of Mastermind

JOLT Business Vision is being introduced to help professionals align their business interests with their personal vision and values. The more clear and aligned you are in these areas, the more velocity your business will be able to gain.

The program is designed for career-minded professionals, executives, and business owners who are committed to breaking away from the day to day to complete and execute “higher level strategic work” and “work on the business.”

Business Planning & Execution

Defining and aligning your personal vision and values with your business plan is the foundation of the new program. But that is only one aspect. The other aspect is the media and public relations strategy of participants. A professional online media presence and public relations strategy are essential for today’s business professional, but can be time consuming and cost-prohibitive, not to mention, difficult to navigate.

The new mastermind program is multifaceted and consists of several components, including a tech stack for media professionals. It employs Slack, Clubhouse, and StreamYard to name a few, and participants will also benefit by being in blogs, podcasts, live streams, and social media. Coaching, support, and accountability are all part of the program.

JOLT Business Vision was born when Dr. Lance Knaub realized that 90-plus percent of entrepreneurs did not have a strategic plan in place, and he felt it wasn’t a mere coincidence that this number closely aligned with the gloomy 96% failure stat for small business owners within 10 years. Knaub says, “JOLT Business Vision starts with the end in mind, allowing each entrepreneur’s dream, or Vision, to rise up, and, of equal importance create a plan which aligns with each critical step to achieve it. Denali Consulting’s Mission is to flip these numbers so that 90-plus percent of small business owners succeed.”

See official press release here.

This is a “slow-cooked program,” I like to say. A lot of thought and experience are going into it. It demonstrates what we are capable of at AutoConversion with our members and affiliates. For some the new mastermind will be a marketing solution, for some an IT solution, for others, accountability, and others a council. It’s a diverse program.

Sign Up Free Today!

JOLT Business Vision is a premium member program. It is priced at $495 per month but is being offered for only $195 per month as a special introductory price to get it off the ground. But this price is not expected to last long. Once we have an initial core group of members, somewhere between six and 12 people then we expect to expand the format and increase the price.

However, signing up here today is free. You are only required to pay if you want to participate in the group coaching sessions and hot seats.

When you do we will send you Denali Consulting’s JOLT Business Planner Worksheet and AutoBurst Media’s B2B Demand Generation Guide, absolutely free just for signing up. These are the two core materials we use in the program to counsel and collaborate with members.

And even better, there is no long term commitment or obligation. JOLT Business Vision is a month-to-month program that is tailored around each participant. You may join at any time and put it on pause whenever you need.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up free today to learn more about this incredible new program, and don’t pay a dime until you are ready to get started aligning your personal vision and values with your business, and working on your professional media and public relations strategy.



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