Introducing the B2B Marketing and Sales Hacks Bi-Weekly Webcast Series

B2B Marketing and Sales Hacks with Ryan Gerardi

Beginning in March 2019, AutoConversion will be hosting a bi-weekly live stream for marketing and sales professionals. It’s called B2B Marketing and Sales Hacks. The idea is that every other week, marketing and sales professionals can tune in for about a 20-minute conversation on bridging the gap between marketing and sales.

It’s not a show, it’s not a sales pitch, and it’s not a motivational feed full of rhetoric.

B2B Marketing and Sales Hacks is an open forum for anyone who wants to share and explore ideas and best practices about B2B marketing and sales. You can watch, you can listen, you can interact, and you can participate.

How to Watch

The live stream is conducted as a webinar right here on AutoConversion. We use Zoom to facilitate the webinar and stream live to YouTube.

  • You can join via Zoom like a conventional webinar (see below), or
  • You can view the live stream on YouTube, or
  • You can view the live stream on the B2B Marketing Watch Page.

All live streams and previously streamed episodes are available on the Watch page and in this YouTube Playlist.

IMPORTANT: Subscribe on YouTube

Be sure to subscribe to the AutoConversion YouTube channel and press the BELL icon to turn on notifications. This way you can be notified when we schedule new events, and you will be able to set reminders.

Show Notes and RSVP on Facebook

RSVP to the recurring Facebook Event to be included on updates and announcements on Facebook related to this Series. This is where we announce each and every upcoming event within the series, and where we will include show notes and links to things we discuss.

How to Participate

To join “Backstage” via Zoom, follow this link to the Series Sign Up Page. By signing up, you will be guaranteed “Backstage” access to each event within the series, including sessions that are NOT streamed live, plus other perks.

About the Author

Ryan Gerardi
Creative, resourceful, and resilient B2B sales and marketing technologist who works with people and businesses on a variety of levels to help elevate their game, their brand, and their businesses.
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