Innovation Lies Ahead in 2013 for AutoConversion and Company

A Look Back. A Look Up. A Look Ahead. My annual review for AutoConversion.

Now that 2012 is drawing to a close I am taking a moment to reflect on its significance to AutoConversion. As an election year, you can imagine the year’s importance. This is also a good time to give thanks and set the tone for 2013.

With today being the unofficial ‘end of the world’ (12/21/2012) there is no better time than right now to try out a new annual exercise which for the record was inspired by a fellow blogger whom I will mention soon.

A Look Back.

For the most part 2012 was low key for AutoConversion. In October 2011 I accepted a position with HookLogic and was quickly consumed by the demands of a full-time job, thus causing my attention for AutoConversion to dissipate. As a result, little new business was generated and no significant innovations were introduced.

Although this was to be expected, I did have hopes it wouldn’t be this way. But it was. Today I am no longer with HookLogic and it has been refreshing getting back into the swing of things with AutoConversion.

Throughout the year I maintained an online presence for AutoConversion by sharing content with fellow medialytes and technologists, but original content was sparse. My goal was once a month for this blog and BlogPro Automotive. I sent out an email newsletter once each quarter to help keep the mailing list fresh. Aside from this, nothing significant occurred.

Don’t let this bring you down though. It’s not the end of the world.

A Look Up.

Despite a year in stall mode, there is still much to be thankful about.

For starters, I am thankful for the handful of people that help AutoConversion by providing services for us and our clients, and send us friends and referrals for new business. These folks know who they are and I am grateful for their service and commitment to us.

My passion for media and technology and business is not shared with everybody I know and so with AutoConversion I have been able to garner a network of friends and professionals that share in these interests and maintain an ongoing dialog with me and my peers to explore certain topics, events, and trends with one another.

Thank you to the hundreds of people that keep up with me and AutoConversion on the web and in person. It is a real treat meandering through life and business with you, growing and evolving with you, and learning from you.

Another thing to be thankful for is AutoConversion’s growing affiliation with Business Vision Network (BVN). From the time I was first introduced to BVN in January 2011, this purpose-driven business solutions community has become a mainstay in my personal and professional development and has opened the door for amazing possibilities with me and AutoConversion. Let’s look at some.

A Look Ahead.

2013 has some exciting things on the horizon for AutoConversion.

First there is BVN. AutoConversion is now a Preferred BVN Partner which means we can co-brand with BVN and do business with its community. This has been a big commitment for me personally for the last year and a half, but it is one that holds so much promise and longevity and is such a natural fit for me and for AutoConversion that I happen to enjoy. I look forward to what this partnership will bring in 2013.

In the “Look Back” section I stated that there was essentially no innovation for AutoConversion in 2012. This has already begun to change and plans for innovation during 2013 are not meek.

In October AutoConversion became the producer for BVN’s Ignite Your Life On Air program with Business Coach Robb Holman, a twice-monthly Google Hangout On Air session we are conducting to garner new audience for BVN.

In January 2013 AutoConversion launches another Hangout On Air show called Social Cheese where co-host Jeff Tincher ( and I will broadcast twice-monthly a show dedicated to digital marketers and small business owners seeking to embrace digital marketing.

These two shows have entirely different program formats and target audiences, but they set the stage for AutoConversion to do something innovative in the digital space that few are doing. I also expect to introduce 2-3 more shows in 2013 that are already in the works.

A Wrap.

In short, I could not be more excited for what lies ahead with AutoConversion and everybody that is getting involved. I expect 2013 to be somewhat of a breakaway year and I look forward to seeing how our reinvented purpose evolves.

Happy Holidays everyone. Thanks for being part of the journey.

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