AutoBurst Media Presents Season 5 of the Mobility Tech and Connectivity Show

Mobility Tech Show w/ Ryan Gerardi and Terry Lancaster

For whatever reason, we did not make a formal announcement about season four of our weekly show – originally referred to as AC ON AIR but now being called The Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show. It’s a long name but it has a nice ring to it, I think. And so does the show.

The last announcement we made about the show was for season three, at the start of 2019. The show was initially launched in March 2018, so we were going on almost a full year running it. Launching a new (third) season to kick off the new year seemed right.

Season 4 got going somewhere between then and now. What led to it was the introduction of our new logo – for the show and the podcast.

What’s New in Season V?

For season five we have a few new developments…,

For one, as previously mentioned we are officially calling it The Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show now, so that warrants a season change.

Secondly, we are bringing on an official co-host.

And thirdly we are also aligning the show with AutoBurst Media as our exclusive presenting party.

Terry Lancaster – Co-Host

If you’re a regular viewer (or listener) to AutoConversion then you’ve surely seen Terry Lancaster. Terry has been participating in the show quite regularly since last year. He’s a real swell guy full of wit and charm, and he has a real knack for divvying out great one-liners. He also has his own program called the Get Ya Some Radio Show where he conducts weekly interviews with salespeople and entrepreneurs and all the people who depend on them.

You may not see Terry on every show, but when you continue to see him and you know it will be a special time and not your usual guest appearance format.

Presented by AutoBurst Media

As per the official press release, AutoBurst Media will be the exclusive presenting party for season five. AutoBurst Media is the media production arm for AutoConversion, and it specializes in live streaming video production and podcasting.

As the exclusive presenting party, AutoBurst Media stands to benefit as the sole brand behind the show. In previous seasons, we used the show as advertising inventory for its pool of advertisers.

This is a bold move on our part. By aligning with AutoBurst Media as the exclusive presenting party, it changes the way we incorporate brands into our repertoire and it gives us a chance to grow this part of our business. AutoBurst Media is a young unknown entity in the mobility tech space and we hope to change that by making it the exclusive presenting party.

The above was a direct quote from me in the press release.

How to Watch – Listen – Participate

There are multiple different ways to watch, listen, and participate with the show. Here’s how…

Subscribe on YouTube

For starters, the show is streamed live on our YouTube channel every Wednesday at 2 pm CST. This is the best way to watch. Simply subscribe to our YouTube channel and press the BELL icon to turn on notifications. This way, each time the show is scheduled you can be notified by YouTube. And if you can’t make the live event, then at least you will have the link to it so you can watch later.

There are two other ways to get a link to the show – Slack and SMS.

Subscribe via SMS

To receive a link to each show via SMS, text AUTOCONVERSE to 64600. Every Wednesday prior to the show we will send a link to the phone number you use to subscribe via SMS.

Register for VIP Access

By registering with the show, you immediately become a free VIP Member. The benefits for doing this are two-fold.

  • For one, as a VIP Member you will receive an invite to join our Slack network where you are able to access the archive of each individual show and network and collaborate with all other registered members. Our Slack network is a growing community of MarTech professionals, business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs, and the likes.
  • Another benefit of registering is that you are also able to join us “Backstage on the Zoom.” The show is conducted via Zoom Webinar and like a conventional webinar you participate in the show as a webinar attendee. What’s cool about this is that you are part of the pre-show experience. This is way cool.

Social Media Options

If subscribing on YouTube, receiving SMS alerts, or becoming a registered VIP member aren’t good options for you, no worries. There are two other ways to keep in the know, although let me be the first to tell you, these could be a stretch. And even if one or more of the options above do work for you, you may also want to connect with the show on social media.


If you use Facebook then be sure to mark yourself as interested to our FB Event. This is where we post announcements about each upcoming show, and the show notes as well. Doing this will make it possible for you to receive notifications from Facebook about the show, and share with your friends.

LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn does not have the fancy event feature that Facebook has, however you can follow AutoConversion on LinkedIn where you will be able to see updates to our company page appear in your LinkedIn feed. Updates come from a variety of publications including the AutoConversion Podcast.

LinkedIn Discussion Group

And finally, there is the AutoConversion Discussion Group on LinkedIn. Unlike our company page where updates occur automatically from a variety of publications, the discussion group is member oriented and more personalized.

Join our discussion group today to immediately gain access to insider information about AutoConversion while enjoying yourself on LinkedIn.

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Creative, resourceful, and resilient B2B sales and marketing technologist who works with people and businesses on a variety of levels to help elevate their game, their brand, and their businesses.
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