Auto Transport Intel Joins AutoBurst Media Network to Bring Car Hauling News and Insights to the AutoConversion Learning Center

Auto Transport Intel Joins AutoBurst Media Network

We are happy to announce that AutoConversion is partnering up with Auto Transport Intel to bring car hauling news and insights to the Online Learning Center. To view the all-new Affiliate property go to

Auto Transport Intel, also known as “ATI” is the official Car Shipping Business Channel (CSBC) and Social Networking Resource where anyone can learn about the multi-billion dollar Auto Transport Industry that moves tens of thousands of cars every year.

Each week, ATI produces live streaming events on YouTube across multiple shows and programs such as, “Tuesday Night’s Live with Jay,” “State of Car Hauling with Jay & Ty,” and “Dispatching LIVE!” that bring car hauling news and insights to nearly ten thousand YouTube viewers.

ATI programming is produced and hosted by Founder Jay Wertzberger.

The AutoConversion Learning Center is an online resource that auto retail marketing professionals and industry allies frequent for live streaming webcast panel discussions, interviews, and debates about automotive retail marketing and mobility technologies that influence how we are connected and the way we get around. The Learning Center serves primarily as the company’s inbound marketing strategy and marketing education initiative.

“By partnering with ATI, we are able to build a bridge between two worlds that have a lot of momentum right now – car shipping and auto retail – two verticals that have both also been drastically affected by the COVID-19 pandemic crisis,” says AutoConversion Chief Marketing Officer Ryan Gerardi.

Wertzberger, ATI’s Founder says, “AutoConversion offers entities like ATI a unique opportunity to not only reach new audiences but also monetize our media initiatives while at the same time bring even greater value to our fan base through its unique programs.”

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