2020 NADA Show Sponsoring Partnerships and Schedule for AutoBurst Media and the AutoConverse Podcast

AutoBurst Media Presents 2020 NADA Show

Every year, somewhere between the NFL Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day, automotive industry leaders, manufacturers, exhibitors and other key players convene at the NADA Show to learn the latest tools, tactics, and industry trends. They come to see the hottest new automotive products and technologies, and make important connections with one another in the unique atmosphere that only the National Automobile Dealers Association can provide.

Which is why since AutoConversion was formed in 2007 we have made it a priority to attend practically every single NADA Show.

With more than a century of experience, NADA has worked to represent and further the interests of new-car and -truck dealerships. Every aspect of the NADA Show is designed to help dealers win big at retailing. From franchise meetings and workshop sessions to shopping the Expo floor, there is something new and exciting for every attendee.

The NADA Show Expo is the auto industry’s premier marketplace of products, services and technologies specifically targeted to franchised new car dealerships. More than 700,000 square feet of exhibits highlight more than 500 manufacturers and suppliers of the hottest products and coolest technologies.

The 2020 Expo takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas. The excitement kicks off on Saturday, February 15 and runs until Monday, February 17.

And this year, once again, our PR team has lined up an exciting agenda for AutoConversion Members, and members-to-be. From dedicated booth sponsorships to on-the-go expo hall and private function sponsorships, AutoBurst Media is pleased to share this year’s sponsorships and schedule.

Our NADA Sponsoring Partners and Schedule (All times PST)

Bits and pieces of the interviews and conversations that we mention below and are recorded will be shared in various media formats throughout both our Sponsors’ and AutoBurst Media’s PR initiatives, including on the AutoConverse Mobility Tech & Connectivity Podcast.

Read below to learn what’s in store and how you might be able to get into a piece of the action.

To arrange for your scheduled interview in any of the desired time slots mentioned below, follow this link to our online scheduler. Space is limited and there is no guarantee we can honor the time slot you requested, but we will do our very best.

Friday February 14 – On-the-Go Sponsor DriveItAway – Recorded Interviews

Beginning Friday morning and throughout the entirety of the show, we will be working with the DriveItAway crew on what we call “on-the-go” recorded interviews – that is, interviews from various places throughout the Las Vegas Convention Center and Expo Hall.

DriveItAway is the first car dealer focused company enabling automotive retailers to enter the business of Mobility-as-a-Service (Car Sharing, Ride Sharing, Subscriptions), with a turn-key, full service solution.

DriveItAway is the key for automotive retailers to inexpensively and profitably get into the Mobility-as-a-Service business directly, satisfying both the wholesale and retail needs for temporary transportation in Car Sharing, and the “low hanging fruit” of Car Sharing for (Lyft, Uber) Ride Sharing drivers.

Saturday February 15 – RevolutionParts Booth #763C from 9-12 – Recorded Interviews

Beginning Saturday morning we will be stationed at the RevolutionParts Booth conducting interviews with dealers and Influencers from inside the booth of the industry’s premier online parts e-commerce excerpts.

RevolutionParts streamlines the process of selling auto parts online so all you really have to do is fulfill orders and collect payment. The company provides all the tools you need to cut down on tedious back-office work, avoid manual data entry and re-entry, and focus on growing online parts sales.

Saturday February 15 – QB Business Solutions Booth #3888C from 1-4 – Recorded Interviews

Saturday afternoon we will be stationed at the QB Business Solutions Booth conducting interviews with dealers and Influencers from inside the booth of one of the industry’s ONLY firms that specializes in assisting dealers with a warranty reimbursement strategy.

QB Business Solutions closes the gap between a Dealer’s compensation for Warranty repairs compared to the Dealer’s Retail Rate. The company works with every Brand in all 50 states, and their team is thoroughly versed in state law and factory procedures.

Sunday February 16 – QB Business Solutions Booth #3888C from 9-12 – Recorded Interviews

Sunday morning we will be back again to kick off the AM segment of the show.

Sunday February 16 – Uber for Business Booth #701C from 1-4 – Live Panel and Recorded Interviews

Sunday afternoon we are pleased to announce that our Executive Producer Ryan Gerardi will be helping to moderate a live panel discussion from the booth of Uber for Business. Panelists and exact subject matter are yet to be determined, however we will update this post once we have the final information confirmed.

What you can count on however is a lively mindful discussion on, of all things…Mobility as a Service.

Organizations of all sizes across the globe trust Uber for Business to efficiently and reliably move their customers. Thousands of automotive dealerships and service facilities leverage Uber’s mobility and operations solutions to provide cost-effective ways to surprise and delight customers. Uber is helping revolutionize the automotive industry with safe and consistent service in more than 60 countries and 700 cities.

Monday February 17 – DealerBuilt LightYear Booth #971C from 10-12 – Recorded Interviews

Our Badge Sponsor this year is DealerBuilt, and on Monday morning we plan to be hovering in and around the DealerBuilt Booth conducting interviews with dealers and Influencers with one of the most progressive DMS providers in the business.

DealerBuilt provides a highly-flexible, enterprise-class Dealer Management System (DMS) platform that enables leading dealerships to efficiently and effectively operate their unique business, as well as optimize their customer experience.

Space is limited and there is no guarantee we can honor the time slot you requested, but we will do our very best.

After Parties and Nightlife

What would an industry conference be without after parties and nightlife??

For a complete list of all the “extracurricular” activities, check out Arnold Tijerna’s Party and Events Calendar which includes the industry’s most comprehensive list of after parties and nightlife going on around NADA.

As for us, we have things planned but we do try to keep our after hours activities minimal and on the down-lo. However, we do have one formal arrangement to attend – the DealerBuilt Client & Dealer Appreciation Party on the 17th floor of the Las Vegas Marriott located at 325 Convention Center Drive on Saturday the 15th from 5-8 pm.

Kick off NADA 2020 with cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, live music, and networking with professionals from across the automotive industry, and have a chance to be included in our exclusive NADA 2020 Video Rewind, a tradition we have honored dating back to 2012.

Follow this link for details and to RSVP: https://dealerbuilt.com/nada/

See you at the Show!

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