2019 Automotive Warranty Management Summit – October 22 & 23 – Exclusive Event for OEMs, Dealers, and Tier Suppliers

Automotive Warranty Management Summit 2019

In the car business, much attention is placed on the sale of new and used cars. But behind the scenes and in and around this process lies an entirely essential and lucrative business – Automotive Warranty Management. However, creating warranty programs and practices that drive customer satisfaction and continuous improvement is an often overlooked aspect of the business for many.

For four years ENG Events has been running the Automotive Warranty Management Summit, the only warranty conference dedicated to providing an exclusive opportunity to gather top OEM’s, Dealers, and Tier Suppliers to share expertise and best practices to develop strategies to enhance quality, brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

We are pleased to announce our partnership this year with the Summit, to be held at the Henry Hotel in Dearborn, Michigan October 22-23. For details about this partnership and how you can benefit, continue reading. To skip to the Summit overview and agenda, go here.

Partnership with the Automotive Warranty Management Summit

As a media partner, AutoConversion will promote the Summit on our mobility tech and connectivity blogAutoConverse.com and on the AutoConverse Podcast.

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Summit Speakers on the AutoConverse Podcast

Additionally, ENG has arranged for three of the Summit’s presenters to also appear as guests on the AutoConverse Podcast this Fall to talk about automotive warranty management and their presentations at the Summit. The guest names shall be announced on the AutoConverse website prior to the live recording sessions.

This Year’s Agenda

Featured Speakers

Tony Gomes, Honda – Takata Recall Strategy

The featured speaker this year is Anthony E. Gomes, Assistant Vice President of Parts, Service, and Technical at American Honda Motor Co. Gomes will be sharing in depth the effort and orchestration behind the Takata replacement recalls outreach, from strategy to roll-out.

Ed Roberts, Dealer – Seamless Warranty Resolution

Ed Roberts is the Fixed Operations Director at Bozard For Lincoln in Saint Augustine, Florida. He will be presenting on transforming warranty management to improve customer satisfaction and the idea that a seamless warranty resolution equates to customer satisfaction and future business.

Additional Agenda Items

Additional key agenda items to be covered through a mix of case studies, interactive panel debates, roundtable groups, and workshops include:

  • AIAG: Initiating quick, focused containment by implement product traceability
  • American Honda: Achieving success through metrics in Warranty call center
  • Cummins: One year in: End-to-end warranty claim process implementation
  • Ford : Evolution of dealer warranty audit strategy: Gain trust, maintain integrity and enhance fairness
  • FCA: Rewarding dealers for performance and fixing cars right first time
  • Navistar: Double duty: Creating and implementing a streamlined supplier recovery process
  • Multimatic: Expanding OEM parts return processes into suppliers roundtable
  • Magna Powertrain: Converting warranty data into product improvements​
  • Nexteer Automotive: Warranty Terms & Conditions
  • NADA: Hiring and retaining service technicians and warranty administrators
  • SKF USA: Looking beyond warranty data to identify emerging issues and pinpoint root causes panel
  • Sparta Motors: Continuous improvement tools to increase Q and COPQ metrics
  • Tenneco: Efficient and fair warranty cost sharing best practices between OEM and Suppliers roundtable
  • Volkswagen: Managing warranty parts reimbursement ​
  • Workshop: Supplier warranty platforms to manage claims, returns, and quality
  • Roundtable topics: Goodwill management – SOX compliance – Outsourcing processing claims – Recall legal issues – High cost claim adjudication tools – TREAD compliance
  • New! Best-in-class OEM benchmarking workshop option​

For the complete agenda and official brochure download this PDF.

The Automotive Warranty Management Summit is an event not to be missed as effective warranty management has the capability to significantly impact a company’s bottom line profitability, drive competitive advantage and increase continuous improvement.

Key themes this year

  • Collaborative OEM and supplier models to reduce warranty costs, lessen cycle times, and improve quality
  • Impact of new foresight and automotive technologies on warranty
  • Technologies impacting the future of warranty claims
  • Looking beyond warranty data to identify emerging issues and pinpoint root causes

What makes this event different?

Engagement across the full automotive enterprise with topics specifically focused for: Passenger Car, LCV, Truck, Construction and Pleasure Vehicle Brands, Tier Suppliers, Banks, Dealers and Extended Warranty and Vehicle Protection companies.

Who should attend?

The executives that will realize the greatest benefit through attendance are senior vice presidents, vice presidents, directors, managers and heads of:

  • Warranty/Extended Warranty
  • Aftersales/Aftermarket
  • Parts Return
  • Supplier Business
  • Supplier Quality
  • Service Contracts
  • Engineering & Quality
  • Data/Repair Management and Financial Analysis
  • Customer Service & Satisfaction
  • Risk Management
  • Underwriting
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Fixed Operations
  • Manufacturing Sites Quality

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