Zuckerburg genuinely humble about the “big space” of local advertising

A lot of buzz is taking place between industry giants Faceboook and Google. You have the release of Facebook Places, and then you have the general effect Facebook has on brand sites such as Starbucks and Coca-Cola. With so much on which to chew, you must give heed to the fact that Foursquare and Booyah have been mentioned in this mix too.



Local advertising is nothing new, but giving people and businesses the ability to do this using mobile phones and devices opens up new space in the technology marketing front that shows promise for future generations.

Location-based and relationship marketing on the Internet are becoming more digital and mobile now too. This presents new technology avenues for people and and challenges for businesses to tackle age-old marketing objectives.


Foursqaure is one of numerous new applications available today for location-based customer experiences to occur. With the recent roll out of Facebook Places, some people have expressed concern for how this might affect Foursquare, but I would think this is good for Foursquare because they are in position to provide business solutions that few will achieve anytime soon.


Much more will come out of this arrangement of players in the years to come, with new ones likely too. The need for mobile apps will increase, the ability for businesses to adapt to new technologies will improve, and service providers will be able to flourish in the new capabilities that are created. It’s a beautiful thing, but not without it’s own worries and challenges.


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