Year in Review: Big Data, TrueCar, Takata, Google, Driverless Vehicles, and More…


The psychology of a “year” is a fascinating thing.

Our instinct, I imagine, is to contemplate what occured,

Then identify a sense of meaning to it all.


This is mine…




From an advertising perspective

I would declare 2014 as the Year of Big Data.

The masses have effectively embraced the reality that

Their so-called “private information”

Can and will be used (for and) against them.

In effect, the consumer mindset now is essentially,

“I know you are watching me.

Please don’t take advantage of that,

Even though I know you probably will.”


From a media & technology standpoint

I would say that 2014 is yet another Year of Marvel.

The technology we output today is phenomenal.

From responsive and adaptive websites, to

Mobile apps, to

Predictive analytics and semantic avertising to the

Convergence of media, gadgets, and consumerism

It appears the world truly is at our fingertips.


How much better can it get!?




As an automotive professional, I can’t help but

Tie all of this into an automotive perspective.


Kudos to Mary Barra for

Emerging as the leader of General Motors.

Her accomplishment is truly a victory for all, and

I think she is doing great!


Shame on Chrysler, not for merging with Fiat,

But for forgoing its founder’s name.

However, congrats to FCA US,

For turning its ship around.

Of the Big 3,

Chrysler, or FCA, is the only auto maker that

Increased its market share in the US in 2014.


Oh and then there is Jeep.

What a brand! For real.

Jeep is taking the world by storm.


Hats off to TrueCar, by the way

Despite seemingly unsurmountable calamities in recent years

The company has single handedly come out farther

Ahead than anyone

In a marketplace rightfully trying to redefine itself.

Nobody had TrueCar’s back. Nobody.


Mercedes' concept of a driverless car is no toy




And so I leave you with a few final notes…


1) Google’s “driverless” vehicles are, on one hand,

A novel and somewhat bold idea.

But in reality probably more like a monkey,

Pressuring auto makers

To produce truly driverless vehicles.


2) Takata and the recall situation, prove

That the auto industry has a cultural and economic dilemma on its hands.

Dare I say that government is not the answer.

So what is?

We will see in 2015.


3) Gas Prices! WTF??

Personally I am not comfortable with the

Rapid decline in fuel costs

Not because it throws innovation and speculation for a loop, but

Because it smells fishy.

My gut tells me that we will wake up one day, soon,

To $6-plus per gallon prices.

Not Cool. Not cool at all.


To be continued…


Oh and Happy New Year!

About the Author

Ryan Gerardi
Creative, resourceful, and resilient B2B sales and marketing technologist who works with people and businesses on a variety of levels to help elevate their game, their brand, and their businesses.
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