How to Turn Website Traffic Into Sales with Hyper-Targeted Printed Direct Mail Offers

Smart Mail - Turn Website Traffic Into Sales

We all know the adage ‘Work Smarter, Not Harder’ and while it makes for a great mantra, it can be difficult to implement in everyday life.  But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. And one way to put technology to work for you is to leverage the power of smart automation for your business. Or more specifically – Automated Intelligent Mail.

A.I Mail, or Smart Mail is a data-driven technology solution that combines the power or data, behavior, and personalization with a tried and true form of advertising – printed direct mail.

Print mail in the sense that we are talking about sending printed mailers with special offers to residencies. Direct mail in the sense that we are sending these printed mailers directly to people based on their behavior, that is, actions they took on YOUR WEBSITE.

“One of the problems,” according to Bill Sattree who is featured in the video and podcast included in this post, “is that people just go with what feels good or seems right. When people have a problem with website traffic,” he says, “they tend to buy into solutions that make them feel good as opposed to one that’s effective.”

A.I Mail is not a solution based upon feeling or notion. It’s based upon data and behavior. It solicits action, and results.

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Hyper-Targeted Printed Direct Mail Offers

Reality is, an effective marketing plan requires work. Bill and his team produce over a half a billion mail pieces a year for clients. All for the purpose of increasing the number (and rate) of opportunities that websites themselves fail to accomplish.

In this video, you get a glimpse of the enthusiasm Bill has for this technology. You also get a chance to hear first hand from one of Bill’s staunchest allies – Darren Farnsworth who is also featured in the podcast and video.

Bill and Darren know one another as a result of doing business together with mutual clients. Darren has been leveraging A.I mail for several years now, and with noteworthy results.

“Darren was the only guy that I could speak to after meeting,” Bill says. “Most [auto] dealers just look at you with glazed eyes and say ‘Okay, whatever, segment data … great’.  Darren would actually go back and understand the business logic behind the data. He’d pick logic apart, come back to me and even challenge it at some point. So, it was just cool to talk to somebody that was so engaged.”

That shared passion for marketing and attention to detail is the perfect combination for developing marketing campaigns that work.

“I think there’s a problem with marketing redundancy,” Darren says.  “People have to do the same thing multiple times. If you have a sale item or event, you have to put it on Facebook and then you have to put it on your website.  Then you have to create ads and get those ads out, and then you have to send an email off to your database.”

It’s a cumbersome, time-sucking set of tasks and often you’re not sure if it’s worth the effort.

Spotting challenges like that is one way Darren and Bill work to streamline and improve marketing efforts.  “That’s been kind of one of my major focuses,” Darren goes on. He explains that the goal is to create something in a central space which can then “put it everywhere that you need to have it.  That way, it’s the same message, the same look and feel, and it all links back to the offer detail page”.

While both Darren and Bill have plenty of experience in the auto industry, the logic behind effective marketing isn’t limited to just this one industry.

“For the most part,” says Darren, “everyone kind of has the same struggle and it seems like this this recipe works.  Obviously, business-to-business changes some of the features we have, but you still need to communicate through social media, you still need to send off emails based on certain triggers and so on.”

“It just seems like everybody’s in the same boat,”  Bill adds. “Whether you’re selling mattresses or you’re trying to promote your own company.”

In fact, the technology can even be used to help universities reach out to the community.  Bill says he speaks to department Deans who want to connect with potential students in the area.

“We can take a look at their address and try to pursue people that may have given up, or they’re a minority and just don’t feel like they can put this thing together.”  With A.I Mail, departments can pinpoint their marketing campaigns and deliver specifically tailored information.

This works for any specific demographic in any industry.  Once a specific group is identified, “we can watch them hit the website and how long they spend on it.  It’s really amazing,” explains Sattree.

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Automated Intelligent Mail transforms website visitors into in-store visits. By connecting devices to identities, interpreting habits, and executing triggers based on real-world behavior, marketing goes beyond standard automation.

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