How to Optimize New Make Model Keyword Campaigns to Acquire New Car Shoppers with Paid Search [VIDEO]

Optimize New Make Model Keyword Campaigns to Acquire New Car Shoppers with Paid Search

We all know that new car shoppers exhibit specific preferences. As they say, “There’s Nothing Like that New Car Smell.” So how should dealers be spending their paid search dollars to best attract them? More specifically, how can dealers best optimize their New Make Model Keyword Campaigns to acquire new car shoppers with Paid Search?

Acquire New Car Shoppers with PPC

During a recent Live Web Chat, we explored the smartest ways to acquire new car shoppers through paid search. The information was not hypothetical. It was based on key findings from Experian Automotive’s 2018 Sales Based Attribution Study.

The study was featured earlier this year here on AutoConverse, in a post titled, Every Sales Has a Story. It was also the focal point of the podcast episode titled, HVU – A New Metric for Automotive Sales Attribution.

New Make Model Keyword Campaigns

In the study, 82% of dealers sold one or more vehicles to shoppers who had previously clicked on New Make Model keywords. This is one of several key points from the study. Others include…

  • Traditionally, New MM = higher funnel, but not anymore
  • Some participating dealers spending less than 20% of search budget on New MM campaigns
  • Have lease offers / content for buyers: Many search queries contained lease keywords

3 Key Takeaways from the Webinar

During the webinar, panelists Julie Lawton and Matthew Kolodziej, both from Experian, together show…

  1. How to track and monitor your New Make Model campaigns
  2. How to tighten your radius for new make model campaigns
  3. How to most effectively retarget those shoppers with messages that align with their wants and needs

Optimizing and tracking your New Make Model (NMM) keyword campaigns effectively is necessary to ensure campaign success. With the right tools and empirical data, dealers can acquire new car shoppers more cost-effectively than ever before.

Enjoy the Preview

About the Video and Podcast

The video above is a preview of the original live streamed webinar that was conducted in December 2018. The webinar was the second installment of the PPC Hacks Webinar Series by Experian Automotive.

The podcast was derived from this webinar, and features an edited version of the complete conversation. The episode was featured on the AutoConverse Podcast, titled, Smartest Ways to Capture New Car Shoppers with Paid Search.

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