Keep It Wild with Toyota and Snowboarder Travis Rice

Came across this ad for Toyota. It really got my attention.

Two lines in particular interest me:

  1. “Fear dictates and runs so many people’s lives.”
  2. “We prioritize and we make things so important that really in the grand scheme of things aren’t.”

These lines come from Travis Rice, professional snowboarder who off-season keeps himself busy in Jackson Hole, WY. When you hear them in their context you will see how he narrows in on what he means by them.


As a youth I don’t remember fearing much. Nothing seemed impossible.

As a parent, fear is something I think about often.

When I look at society I see how so much we have succumed to the dwells of our institutions, our agreements with society. It’s as if we are forbidden to break the barriers of commerce, productivity, and ultimately modern day consumerism.

But Rice proclaims that he learns the most about himself when he puts himself in uncomfortable situations. I find this admirable.

So often I see people working for the sake of the outcome or the destination and not necessarily for the fruits of their labor. In other words, stopping to smell the roses around them.

The challenge then (for me at least) comes down to balance. If you believe what Rice says then you must stop to reflect how to balance your own livelihood with your sense of adventure. If you concentrate your efforts towards one measure or another then you become out of balance, and that is not good.

So what is your takeaway?

Mine is that I need more adventure in my life. I have a tendency, like so many others, to get caught up in my livelihood. In the back of my mind I know it, yet I procrastinate doing much about it.

Not good not good.

Toyota did a fine job connecting with me on this one. The car maker reminded me of a life that I fantasize about, but that I do not live.

The question is, if I did, would it make me want a 4Runner?

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