Desktop Ads Being Sunset on Facebook and Google (Because of Mobile)

In the last few weeks both Facebook and Google announced that they would be sunsetting certain portions of their desktop ads. It should be no mystery why. Mobile usage is soaring at unprecedented rates, rendering desktop advertising almost meaningless.

Have we now surpassed a tipping point in mobile? You bet we have. According to Google’s most recent earnings report, mobile now accounts for 82 percent of the company’s overall revenue.


  • 87% of Millennials have their smartphone at their side (more or less attached to their body) day and night
  • We check our phones 150 times a day
  • We spend 177 minutes on our phones per day
  • Each mobile session averages only 1 minute and 10 seconds, but dozens and dozens of times per day
2016 Infographic: Latest Automotive Stats on Mobile

View Complete 2016 Infographic “Latest Automotive Stats on Mobile”

To tap into this, Google suggests three steps: be there, be useful, and be quick. If you can accomplish these things, you have a chance at winning the customers you target.

Per Facebook’s VP of Monetization, Matt Idema, consumer usage has effectively moved to mobile. He said Facebook Exchange is primarily a desktop retargeting tool, adding that newer products such as Dynamic Ads for Carousel, video campaigns and custom audiences have mobile retargeting features not supported by Exchange.

The company had already begun moving clients and ad tech partners over to newer products with the goal of being fully migrated by Nov. 1. Facebook said advertisers started moving their budgets over to newer products even before the “sunset” of Facebook Exchange was announced, largely due to the results they’ve seen.

“This migration really won’t be a challenge for them,” Idema said. “They’re already using the mobile products like Dynamic Ads.”

Mobile marketing is not a thing of the future. Mobile usage rates have already exceeded desktop, and it’s not even a trend any longer, it’s a permanent reality. Try not to blink because before you know it over 90% of showroom traffic will be attributable to a mobile device. There’s no time to be reactive, you have be there, and you have to be effective to avoid mobile mayhem.

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