Are You Maximizing The Benefits of Mobile Marketing for Your Business?

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SponsoredMobile marketing has been around since the birth of mobile phones. Today, the power of the web and the highly advanced smartphones, have given mobile marketing a leading role in a marketing strategy.

Although mobile marketing is still a new discovery for many businesses and marketers, the results it’s generating are very encouraging and fascinating, to say the least.

Mobile commerce is doubling in global eCommerce transactions this year, 2017.

Why is Mobile Marketing Essential?

The power of mobile marketing lies in personability. Marketers have access to rich user data and information which enables them to create highly personalized advertising campaigns through highly converting techniques such as push notifications and app-based marketing.

Users spend more time on their smartphones

The average consumer spends more time on mobile than on their PC’s. In fact, 2 out of 3 minutes spent online in a web-based activity, are on a mobile device. Research, social engagement, work-related tasks, e-commerce transactions and almost anything you can think off, can be done via a mobile app. That’s why users use mobile apps 18 times more than they browse mobile sites.


Increase your sales with M-Commerce

M-Commerce is seeing a growth trend because of the increase retailers are seeing in sales coming from mobile. The B2C mobile commerce sales are valued somewhere around $83.94 billion in the U.S. It’s estimated that by 2018, 30% of the sales will come from mobile devices.

Want to read the full data on Mobile Marketing?

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