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Advertising Personalization Classification System

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The Advertising Personalization Classification System (Medium)

This is the story of how advertising stopped being the intrusive, attention-hogging annoyance you go out of your way to avoid, and was transformed into something that respects your needs and wants, and that you interact with on your own terms.

As more of the world goes online, more of us, like it or not, are going to see more digital ads. In the US alone, digital marketing experts estimate that people are already exposed to roughly 5,000 advertisements a day, and that number is only going to increase.

As this practice has devolved, certain media organizations and less scrupulous marketers have commodified this so-called “art” of attention grabbing. Via endless curiosity-gap-widening ads and articles like 13 Potatoes That Look Like Channing Tatum, some brands and all clickbait sites have brought us along on their race-to-the-bottom.

hyper-intent personalization

What’s clearly needed is a classification system. One that can help us determine how to best focus our attention on those messages that are of use.

  • Level 0 — Need or Want Personalization
  • Level 1 — Regional Personalization
  • Level 2 — Demographic Personalization
  • Level 3 — Niche Interest/Intent Personalization
  • Level 4 — Hyper-Intent Personalization
  • Level 5 — Biogenetic Personalization

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Introducing Facebook Ad Campaigns (MailChimp)

Today, we’re beginning our rollout of Facebook Ad Campaigns to help our users reach new customers and engage with current ones. Whether your goal is to grow your audience or sell more stuff (or both), you can now do it in the same place you do all of your email marketing. And with MailChimp’s reporting, you can find out which ads generate the most new customers and revenue.

Facebook Ad Campaigns have benefits beyond speed and simplicity. Combining your email marketing efforts with Facebook ads creates an integrated marketing campaign that makes it easy to keep your messaging consistent. The fewer sites you have to click to, the better.

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Auto Sales Forecast: January Forecast Calls for Low Sales, High Inventory (Wards Auto)

The U.S. automotive industry is expected to a have a slow start in the new year, with January light-vehicle sales down 4.4% from like-2016. The WardsAuto forecast calls for 1.107 million LVs to be delivered over 24 selling days, resulting in a 46,109-unit daily sales rate compared with 48,226 in prior-year (also 24 days). The lackluster outcome will follow record-high sales in December due to heavy holiday promotions at the end of the month, which created a pull-ahead effect on potential.

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