2019 Super Bowl Ads – Good, Bad, & Ugly [VIDEO]

Review of Super Bowl 2019 Commercials

Such was the apparent shared sentiment of many who paid attention to the commercials that aired Sunday February the 3rd during Super Bowl LIII. And on the following, we took to the airwaves for our live weekly broadcast to talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of this year’s collection of ads.

Featured on the show were Terry Lancaster and John Couture, who is known by his hockey mates as ‘Cooter.’ Couture is a writer and an entertainer. Terry is Host of the Get Ya Some Radio Show, and a regular face here with us. Both live in Nashville and play hockey together, and for beer.

Here are some of the better quotes and segments from the show:

  • 3:00 – “I’m a Game of Thrones nut. That’s my jam.” -Terry
  • 6:40 – “We see each other naked at least twice a week, showering and playing hockey, not necessarily in that order.” -Terry explaining how he and Cooter know each other.
  • 10:40 – “Elevator to Hell.” -Terry in response to Hyundai’s commercial with Jason Bateman. “It’s the only time you’re going to get car dealers and vegans on the same page.”
  • “My vote for worst commercial was going to go to Budweiser, it was ‘weak as water” until the wind power theme was revealed -Terry
  • “I hate the Medieval theme for Bud Light commercials but when I saw that dragon come down I was like, YEAH!!!” -Cooter
  • 15:50 – “I’m all for showing everything. Free the nipple. I’m anti prude.” – Cooter
  • “I can barely remember what happened Sunday. That’s way outside my window.” -Terry responding to me asking about his favorite commercial from last year’s Super Bowl.
  • 28:20 – ME: “Are they still around?” TERRY: “No!”

Enjoy the Show

Tweets featured during the show

Also, shouts out April Rain for compiling her page of all the ads, which we used during the live stream of this show recorded on February 6.

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