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What is WCT?

White Collar Therapy is a free leadership program for Career-Minded Professionals, Business Leaders, Owners, and Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

The bi-weekly show offers members and fans a regular meeting place to talk about leadership challenges in the workplace. It’s good for networking and collaborating with your peers in a meaningful way.

The podcast makes it possible for listeners to get a taste for the content and the experience of the show.

The real benefits kick in as you get to know the co-hosts and other members, and start applying the ideas and principles we discuss. Doing this takes time and requires a commitment on your part – for yourself and the other members.

By signing up, you are taking that first step towards becoming part of a growing community of like-minded people that are committed to YOUR SUCCESS.

How to Watch the Show

The show is conducted via Zoom Webinar and streamed live on the AutoConversion YouTube channel every other Monday. It is recorded and then featured on the podcast.

There are two ways to watch the live show:

  1. Via Live Stream on YouTube
  2. Via Zoom Webinar

When you tune in via live stream on YouTube, you can use the live chat feature to interact with other viewers and the co-hosts. But if you register with the program then you can participate in the show ‘Backstage on the Zoom’ in the Virtual Coffee Shop.

By participating on the Zoom you can use the Q&A function to ask questions, and you can raise your hand for your microphone to be turned on to interact with the co-hosts and other webinar Attendees.

View the Recordings

Once the live stream ends, the video is automatically archived and marked as Unlisted on YouTube. This means you must have a link to the video archive to view the recording. To obtain a link to the archives, you have a few options…

  • Subscribe to the AutoConversion YouTube channel and press the BELL icon to be notified when we go live. This will send a link to each show on your phone and via email. The caveat is that you will be notified of ALL AutoConversion programming, not just WCT. For a list of all our programming, view the Online Calendar of Events.
  • Sign up to become a free member and receive an invite to the #WHITE_COLLAR_THERPAY channel in our Slack Member Network where we share a link to each live event there.
  • Also, you can view all previously recorded shows right now the WCT YouTube Playlist.

How to Listen

  • Each show is recorded and released on the White Collar Therapy Podcast. Go to www.whitecollartherapy.com/podcast or search ‘White Collar Therapy‘ in your preferred podcasting app.

Join the WCT Community

White Collar Therapy is meant to be entertaining and therapeutic for both your personal life and your professional life. The bi-weekly show and podcast are only part of the experience. We are also committed to fostering a sense of community full of support and resources, including a network of business owners, leaders, coaches, authors, and the likes.

  • Join the WCT Community by signing up to become a free member today. Upon doing so you will receive a link to join the #WHITE_COLLAR_THERPAY channel in the AutoConversion Slack Network.

‘Ignite Your Life!’ Group Coaching Webinars

  • Each month, Robb and Ryan host a virtual group coaching session where members may participate to benefit from free group coaching sessions. Unlike the Show, the group coaching sessions are not streamed live, meaning you must be a registered member to participate.

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  • The White Collar Therapy Store is where you will find cool apparel and accessories to show off your fanship of the Show. Choose from sweaters, t-shirts, mugs, hats, tote bags, and more. Also receive a 15% discount off your initial purchase.

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About the Co-Hosts

  • Robb Holman is an internationally recognized leadership expert, executive coach, keynote speaker, and bestselling author who has a heart for authentic relationships and a true talent for equipping people with the skills and the knowledge necessary for their success.
  • Ryan Gerardi is a bootstrapper who designs and produces media initiatives for B2B and entertainment purposes. He is Founder & CEO of AutoConversion, a B2B Sales & Marketing firm based in suburban Chicago. He is also the Editor of AutoConverse.com, Producer of the AutoConverse Podcast, and Produce of White Collar Therapy.
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