Solar Pros

What is Solar Pros?

Solar Pros is a new program on AutoConversion for people who want to learn about the solar energy business and create an additional income stream by selling solar energy solutions and/or building a team of people who sell solar energy solutions. It includes daily, weekly, and monthly coaching and training and is open to US business owners and sales professionals.

Why Solar Energy?

For starters, using your home to source solar energy for your personal use is good for the environment. There is no mining of Earth’s natural resources and fossil fuels. There is no toxic or harmful discharge.

Additionally, the cost of electricity is increasing faster than ever and will only continue to do so, most likely at an even more accelerated rate with no expectation of ever decreasing. Solar energy is a proven effective way to source energy from the sun that can be contributed to the grid system and efficiently converted into electricity.

Finally, the US Federal Government also recently extended its tax credits for homeowners who source solar energy with their home. These tax credits can be applied both at the federal and state levels. With these tax credits, homeowners are often able to equip their homes for solar with little to no money down. And with low interest rates, homeowners are able to benefit by having a low fixed monthly cost for their electricity as opposed to a variable ever-increasing monthly bill.

Presently, only one percent of homeowners in the US are projected to equip their homes for solar in 2023. But this rate is expected to reach 5% over the next few years as adoption of solar becomes more mainstream.

Why Solar Pros?

Solar Pros is a free coaching and training program that includes a variety of features and benefits for people who want to get into the business of solar and generate income for themselves and their families. We are partnered with Apricot Solar, one of the leading companies in the industry that you will learn about, which provides the business model that makes it possible for independent representatives to create an income stream.

Our goal is to provide you with information you need to make an educated decision about whether or not to pursue solar energy as a career path or additional income stream, particularly with Apricot Solar. And if you do, our mission is to support you directly in ways that Apricot does not. This includes exclusive group and 1-on-1 coaching and training, plus an optional media component you can use for your own marketing initiatives.

By signing up, you will be included in information and communications about the solar energy business, equipping you to build your knowledge and understanding of solar energy and the business of solar energy, specifically with Apricot Solar. You will receive invites to join discussion groups that we facilitate, events, and opportunities to further explore your endeavors in the solar energy business.

The program is fluid meaning that it can and will likely change over time, but the general program format is as follows:

  • Sign up to be included in email communications
  • Receive invites and attend our group sessions
  • Sign on to be an Independent Rep w/ Apricot Solar
  • Attend Basic Training (Two 90-minute sessions)
  • Graduate from Apricademy
  • Schedule 1-on-1 coaching sessions
  • Leverage our podcast and omni-channel multimedia platform (with a premium membership)

Sign up free, no strings attached, and unsubscribe at any time.

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