Recent and Upcoming Scheduled Events

  • THU NOV 29 – ‘Stalk Yourself Live’ w/ Terry Lancaster – Live Critiques of FB Profiles for Auto Sales Pros [Video Replay]
  • TUE OCT 02 – Live Web Chat w/ Ken Potter: How to Help Your Team Grow, Thrive, and Be Advocates for the Dealership [View Replay]

About This Series

Did you know that leads generated by employees convert 7 TIMES more frequently than company leads? And according to Forbes Magazine, sales reps who use social media outsell their peers that don’t by 78%.

Why is this, and how can your dealership equip its sales staff with the skills, tools, and training they need. Resources they need to effectively utilize social media and generate their own leads, in a way that is synergistic with the dealership and mutually beneficial to the dealership and the employees?

These are difficult questions to answer and even more difficult to accomplish, but that doesn’t make these ideas impossible to achieve.

The Self Marketing, Branding, and Social Selling Series for Auto Retail Professionals is a recurring series of Virtual Web Events that explores people, ideas, and best practices related to the idea of marketing for yourself as an Automotive Sales Professional for an Auto Retailer.

Key Talking Points Include…

  • Building and Enhancing Your Web Presence as an Auto Retail Professional representing a Dealership
  • Tools and Technology
  • Video Marketing
  • Social Media and Social Selling

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