JOLT Business Vision Mastermind Program

Finally, a Mastermind Program to Better the Business of Yourself

JOLT Business Vision is designed for business leaders, owners, and entrepreneurs committed to having a clear plan for their business and personal lives and who are committed to their online presence and reputation, alas a media and public relations strategy

That’s what make this program unique. You are part of a community of other business leaders, owners, and entrepreneurs with the same focus…

  • Business Plan Aligned with Your Personal Vision
  • Omni-Channel Multi Media Public Relations Strategy

This program equips you with people, tools, and resources to keep your business aligned with your personal vision, and also have a powerful media and public relations strategy.  It weaves select elements from two powerful programs into one single program at an incredible price…

  1. JOLT Business Planning w/ Denali Consulting (a $3500 value)
  2. AutoBurst Media and Public Relations Coaching (a $6000 value)

All for only $195 per month.

*For a limited time only. Regular price is $495/mo.

How It Works

You sign up here. We send you…

  1. Denali Consulting JOLT Business Planner Worksheet
  2. AutoBurst Media B2B Demand Generation Guide

These are the blueprints we will use to work with you on your vision for the business of yourself and your media presence.

1-on-1 Coaching

We also send you links to book your 1-on-1 sessions with Dr. Lance Knaub and Ryan Gerardi. These are your coaches for getting started with the program. You get one 20-minute session with each of them individually as an incentive for signing up. You will also have access to each of them in our Slack Member Network where you will have access to other members in the group, as well.

Group Coaching

The 1-on-1 sessions are offered as needed on a limited basis as part of your monthly subscription. You will also be able to participate in our group coaching sessions, also conducted in Slack. Group coaching sessions are dynamic and interactive and they include curriculum from the learning resources woven into the program. They are led by Lance and Ryan.

On-Demand Peer-to-Peer Access

Your subscription includes AC Pro, a premium membership on AutoConversion that gives you unlimited access to public groups in Slack, plus access to private groups that you are part of. As a subscriber you will benefit from all the features of AC Pro.

Weekly Clubhouse Rooms

Throughout the week we run or co-host rooms on the drop-in audio app Clubhouse where group members may have VIP access to certain sessions.

Persevere and evolve your greatest asset – YOU! 

Media Opportunities

Having your own blog and podcast is ideal, and if you do then that is great. But that doesn’t need to keep you from making public appearances, virtual and in-person. And great if you are doing that. No matter whether you do or not, your AC Pro license lets you benefit from all the features of a premium membership on AutoConversion, which are intended to help enhance your media and public relations strategy.

What is the Cost?

The monthly subscription amount is only $495 $195*. This is our introductory price. As we add members we will adjust the pricing as necessary to ensure the integrity of the group and individual experience.

Signing up is free and you can set up your payment arrangements whenever you are ready to get started. You may pause or cancel your subscription at anytime and there is no long-term commitment or obligation.

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