Video Marketing is Not Just About Videos

Dealers are doing a lot of great things with video these days. From customer testimonial videos to personalized walk around videos and vehicle inventory videos, there is no doubt that videos play a vital role with your dealership marketing.

What’s missing however for many dealers is a wholly integrated video marketing strategy, which begins with a comprehensive video marketing solution.

In the complete interview with Flick Fusion COO Tim James, we discuss the tenets of a comprehensive video marketing strategy for auto dealers, which involves not only data and analytics but also the ability to take action on that information to create a more timely, relevant, and personalized customer experience through the use of data.

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About Flick Fusion

Flick Fusion is a video marketing platform for auto dealers. It features all the tools and features your dealership needs to implement at scale, including video syndication, new model test drive videos, video email, live streaming video, and more.

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