Cars on the Move - Monthly Roundtable by AutoConversion

What is Cars on the Move?

Cars on the Move is a monthly webinar for auto retail, transport, and auction professionals to come together in a roundtable format for practical and applicable peer feedback and accountability related to your work in car shipping. It is one of the premium webinars available to members of the Auto Retail Marketing Mastermind Program and the CTS Business Coaching Program offered by ATI.

The purpose of the group is to explore ideas, technologies, and best practices in car shipping with other auto retail, auction, and transport professionals who take their work as seriously as you do.

Roundtable Format

The roundtables last about 90 minutes. They include peer-to-peer updates, a sponsor presentation, group coaching, and a feedback-accountability loop. They are led by AutoConversion Founder Ryan Gerardi and CTS Business Coaching Owner Ty Thompson.

Each month, participants have the opportunity to provide an update to the group and seek group input about anything you choose. This makes up the first portion of the webinar which is then followed by a short presentation from a sponsor. The remaining time is devoted to group coaching, where Ty and Ryan lead the group to provide constructive input for members that are present.

  • 30-minute Roundtable (Intros and Updates from Members)
  • 20-minute Sponsor Presentation
  • Q&A and. Group Coaching. (up to 1 hour)

Cars on the Move Monthly Roundtable by AutoConversion, Auto Transport Intel, and CTS Coaching

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Premium Member Programs

*We offer five (5) Premium Member programs: one for Auto Retail Marketing Professionals, one for B2B Marketing Professionals, one for PR Firms and Agents, and one for Job Seekers. The fifth premium program is CTS Business Coaching.

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