Blockchain Crypto Pros

Blockchain Crypto Pros is for enthusiasts of blockchain technologies such as cryptocurrency and NFTs to learn, network, and grow your interests in these areas. The purpose of the group is for networking and to explore ideas, technologies, and best practices for building blockchain solutions, investing and staking in crypto, minting NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and more.

There is a free service level and a paid premium service level.

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The Crypto NFT Starter Kit is a free resource we provide that includes instructions for setting up accounts with Coinbase and where you can receive free cryptocurrency when using our affiliate links. The free starter kit also provides an overview of our Blockchain Crypto Starter Guide, which is a 3-day do-it-yourself workshop that we offer in a variety of ways. Learn more about all of this when you sign up.

Plus…80 Top Crypto Social Media Platforms

Sign up to receive your free copy of our list of more than 80 top crypto social media platforms and protocols that pay users in cryptocurrency for posting on their sites, or allow users to earn cryptocurrency by using site resources.

Free & Premium Levels

AC Insiders (Free) may opt-in to receive email and text communications about upcoming events and activities related to the group. These communications include invites to discussions, workshops, events, media and public speaking opportunities. There is no cost or obligation to receive these communications nor to participate in these activities.

AC Pros (Premium Members) receive the same communications, but are granted VIP access when participating in these events as featured speakers or panelists, for interviews, debates, etc. Participation paves the way to creating a turnkey omni-channel multimedia campaign for your personal or professional brand. Premium VIP members may also book studio time in StreamYard with a producer, and have access to the group’s private channel in Slack where you can connect with other premium members.

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