Audio Video Pros

What is Audio Video Pros?

Audio Video Pros is a mastermind program for bloggers, podcasters, live streamers and video marketers. There is a free service level and a premium level. The program consists of a private member group for networking and communications, bi-weekly roundtables, and monthly discussions on the AutoConverse podcast. The purpose of the group is for networking and to exchange ideas, tips, and best practices.

When and Where?

  • Live panel discussions at least once a month on the AutoConverse Podcast.
  • Bi-weekly Roundtable (in StreamYard), limited to 10 people.*
  • See Programming Guide for specific dates and times.

Sign Up for…

  • Free Access: Sign up to be automatically added to our system as a free AC Insider and receive email notifications and invites to panel discussions and roundtables. You can update and specify your email preferences at any time.
  • Panel Access: Sign up to participate as an Attendee or Panelist to our monthly panel discussions, giving you a chance to join live discussions and interact with other participants.
  • StreamYard Access: Sign up for to access our online booking portal where you have the ability to book yourself a seat to any upcoming roundtable. These Roundtables are facilitated in StreamYard where you will learn the many features and capabilities of this streaming tool, and many others.
  • Slack Sessions: Sign up for access to Slack where you can connect with other members, join and host video chats and Huddles with other group members.

There is no cost or obligation to participate when signing up and you may unsubscribe at any time. Some features are exclusive to Premium Members.


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