Car Shipping Business and Auto Transport Industry Insight with Jake of RPM

Car Shipping Business and Auto Transport Industry Insight with Jake of RPM

How Much Do You Know About The 10 Verticals In AUTO TRANSPORT INDUSTRY BUSINESS?

Tuesday Night’s Live on ATI

Aired August 4th, 2020

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I asked Jake to spend a Tuesday night with Auto Transport Intel to discuss the dynamic ways car shipping business and auto transport logistics intersects with OEMs, Auctions, Dealers, Carriers, Brokers, Shippers, Services, Regulations, Equipment & Loads. As the Chief Commercial Officer of RPM, Jake’s work involves all of these shipping business verticals, within both car hauling and general freight.

1) OEMs. The life of a car begins with the automaker. New car hauling employs hundreds of drivers.

2) Auctions. Both physical and digital, there are hundreds of auto auctions, moving tens of thousands of cars.

3) Dealers. Approximately ten thousand car dealers nationwide, buy and sell cars every day.

4) Carriers. Car haulers and auto transport drivers are the lifeblood of used car shipping and finished vehicle logistics.

5) Brokers. To facilitate the sale of the auto transport transaction, brokers educate and arrange for the transportation of freight.

6) Shippers. Regardless of the type of location or number of vehicles, the shipper is the customer that needs to ship a car.

7) Services. Insurance, technology, supplies, and more, hundreds of services make auto transport business function.

8) Regulations. Rules and governing entities work to keep transportation safe and companies legitimate within this business.

9) Equipment. Carriers require trucks and trailers that can sustain the stress and strain of hundreds of miles per day.

10) Loads. Without vehicles to move, there is no auto transport business. Period.

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