Update Central Dispatch Docpack “My Documents”

How To Update Your Central Dispatch Documents

Update Central Dispatch: Do you know how to update “My Documents” in your Central Dispatch Account? If not, this Update Central Dispatch video is for you!

Update Central Dispatch Docpack

“Is Your Packet On Central?” Auto Transport Brokers ask Car Hauling Dispatchers this question nearly every single day. Some Auto Transport Business have already uploaded and completed their Central Dispatch update with their document pack posted on Central Dispatch – but some haven’t. As an auto transport dispatcher, I highly recommend that you update Central Dispatch docpack information regularly. After all, it’s in your best interest! Why not get the your Central Dispatch sheet sent over faster by allowing brokers to access your MC Authority, Insurance and W-9 documents online?

The deal is this: Auto Transport Brokers want to see your updated Central Dispatch “docpack” BEFORE they dispatch a load to you. So here’s how you UPDATE your CENTRAL DISPATCH DOCUMENT PACKET online: (as found on Central Dispatch)

1) Log in to Central Dispatch and enter the site.

2) Click on your Company Name in the upper right and choose “My Documents” in the Drop Down Menu.

How To Update “My Documents” For Brokers

3) If you have not yet uploaded anything, you will find a Central Dispatch update message under “My Documents” in your account explaining that a “Document Packet (‘Docpack’) is a compilation of your U.S. DOT Certification, Insurance and/or Bond Certificate, A Completed W-9 Form, and Other Licenses (if any).” After that Central Dispatch update docpack instructions inform you that “once you fax us your documents, we securely store them and allow you to give either temporary or permanent viewing access at your discretion.”

Update Central Dispatch Documents To Do List

This is the Update Central Dispatch Documents list, explaining how you start creating and submitting your own docpack:

  1. Download & print the Central Dispatch update fax cover sheet – and be sure to only use the fax cover sheet provided by Central Dispatch.
  2. Print & complete your car hauling business W-9. Note: Do not include your social security number on your W-9. Your docpack will be rejected if you do. Only include your EIN, if you have one, or do not include your W-9 with your Central Dispatch updated docpack.
  3. Place your car hauling documents in the following order:
    a. Central Dispatch Update Fax Cover
    b. DOT Certificate or License
    c. Insurance or Bond Certificate
    d. Completed W-9 (without all the instructions)
  4. Fax all documents in the appropriate order to (858 408-1835) and your auto transport company will be notified by email as soon as your Central Dispatch updated docpack has been uploaded.

Your Updated Central Dispatch Documents Are Almost Ready!

4) You may need to allow for several hours (or 1-2 days) before you see the updated Central Dispatch information posted online. Once it is posted, you are able to click a link to “View your Docpack” – which can be saved as a .PDF file – and that’s what brokers are looking for so they can independently verify your car hauling company information.

5) If you want auto transport brokers to be able to always view your car carrier information, make sure your “Access Settings” are set to OPEN and that your Access NEVER EXPIRES.

6) Finally, you can always “Submit New Docpack” if you need to update the information. Since most auto transport brokers are looking for a CURRENT signed W-9 and UPDATED insurance, it’s a good practice to at least update your Central Dispatch online document packet at the beginning of each calendar year.

Hope that helps!

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– Jay, The Car Hauling Dispatcher


Update Central Dispatch docpack tutorial by Auto Transport Intel

Update Central Dispatch docpack tutorial by Auto Transport Intel

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