SuperFlo Car Shipping Software: ProABD, Dispatch Center, Truckify, iTruckPay

SuperFlo Car Shipping Software: ProABD Dispatch Center Truckify iTruck

SUCCESSFUL AUTO TRANSPORT BUSINESS OWNERS Need A System To Manage Customer Contacts & Leads, Sales Funnel Cycle Notes, Provide Quotes, Find New Orders, Picked Up & Delivered Vehicles, Inspection Photos, Bills Of Lading, Dispatching & Trip Info, GPS Tracking, Financial Reports, & Payment Status. Does Yours Do All That, Too? TRY SUPERFLO SYSTEMS. The “End-To-End” AUTO TRANSPORT SOFTWARE SOLUTION You’ve Been Searching For.

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35:50 Ty Thompson, Lead Coach at CTS Business Coaching, joins me to discuss the challenges of building new business prospects for Auto Transport Brokers & Car Hauling Carriers.

1:14:30 Mark Groteke, President of SuperFlo Systems, End-To-End Car Shipping Software Suite, joins the show to take us through the many parts of his system, including:
TAQ (Transport Auto Quoter)
Dispatch Center LOAD BOARD
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1:44:06 Joe Reynoso of Easy Auto Ship loves to talk about how SuperFlo Systems helps his Auto Transport Broker Business successfully manage more customer leads in less time. If you want to talk to Joe, you can CALL Easy Auto Ship at 888-687-3243.

1:59:24 Nick Voynovich of Midwest Payment Processing shares the incredible benefits of issuing and receiving payment using iTruckPay inside of the SuperFlo Systems software suite. To talk to Nick, you can CALL 1-84-GET-RATES.

The Car Shipping Software Four Parts Review

1) CAR HAULING LOAD BOARD. In the beginning, loads ready for transport were shared on paper and by word-of-mouth. 20 years ago, those paper listings are digital listings.

2) AUTO TRANSPORT DRIVER MOBILE APP. From the 1500s to 5 years ago, all bills of lading (BOLs) were on paper. Now there are over a dozen mobile apps for drivers to use on their cell phones for pick up and delivery.

3) VEHICLE TMS DISPATCH DASHBOARD. With the advent of digital load boards and driver mobile apps, the dispatcher/fleet manager needed a better way to organize the loads “in the cloud”.

4) CAR SHIPPING BROKER CRM. To develop and cultivate a cold lead into a load ready for dispatch, the broker needs a tool that can manage the full life-cycle of the load.

MURPHY AUTO DISPATCH SERVICES Get the dispatcher you’ve always been searching for! Call Sue at (417) 273-0021 or email

DISPATCH CENTER by SUPERFLO SYSTEMS Advanced Auto Transport Load Board with Advanced Car Hauling Dispatch Features, including: “True” Load Matching, More Flexible Rate Negotiation, Self-Dispatching, More Advanced Load Searching, Back Haul Load Search, Instant Route Scout Trip Building, Drive Mobile App Load Notifications, Carrier Pro Check and Dispatch Message Center. To learn more, EMAIL: or CALL: (513) 870-5590

ACERTUS LAST MILE DELIVERY “Relentless Drive To Deliver” provides enterprise-level services: Vehicle Transport, Title & Registration, Vehicle Storage, Care Services, Compliance Services & Last Mile Delivery. To learn more, EMAIL: or CALL (855) ACERTUS [(855) 233-7887]. Carriers can sign up and be sure to learn more about VINlocity auto transport technology solutions.

GET AUTO TRANSPORT BUSINESS COACHING with CTS (Car Transport Services). Connecting OEMs, Dealers, and Auctions to Carriers. Want a successful Car Hauler Business? We care about the Auto Transport Industry! Learn more about CTS Business Coaching and Schedule an appointment or call Ty (right now): 417-483-2764.

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