Ship With Larry: Alexa, Open Quotify For Carriers, Car Shipping Quotes

Ship With Larry: Alexa, Open Quotify For Carriers, Car Shipping Quotes

Car Shippers Are Always Looking For The Best Car Shipping Quotes (As Are Car Carriers). And Recently, Car Dealers And Car Buyers Have Started Looking For Better Ways To Find True Auto Transport Pricing. So What If Alexa Could Help You Find A Better Quote, Faster? And What If Quotify For Carriers Could Help Car Transporters Give Accurate Auto Transport Quotes, Instantly To The Customer? “Alexa, Open Quotify!”


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11:40 AUTO TRANSPORT ESSENTIAL BUSINESS INDUSTRY NEWS: In another extended edition of ATI auto transport industry news, I provide a recap of recent new headlines, images, emails, and social media screenshots to help car shipping businesses react quickly to all of the recent changes.

55:16 SHIP WITH LARRY INTERVIEW & LIVE DEMO with Mark Groteke, CEO of SuperFlo Systems. Watch as Mark explains the purpose of using Alexa to contact Ship With Larry to receive Instant Auto Transport Quotes from Carriers in the Dispatch Center database. If you’re an auto transporter, contact SuperFlo Systems and sign up with Dispatch Center. “Alex, Open Quotify!”

1:47:13 TRUCKIFY LIVE INTERVIEW w/ Muzi. TRUCKIFY is a Driver Carrier BOL Inspection Invoicing Mobile App connected to Dispatch Center.

QOUTIFY FOR CARRIERS Allows Auto Transporter To Name Their Lane(s) and Rate(s) so that Alexa can pull from the Dispatch Center database when a car shipping customer makes an auto transport inquiry.

Carriers can receive an instant load notification every time a CONFIRMED ORDER is posted in that driver’s route (as in ADVANCED SEARCH)

✅ DISPATCH CENTER is an Advanced AUTO TRANSPORT LOAD BOARD with Modern CARRIER LOAD SEARCH Capabilities & More Efficient TRIP BUILDING tools – specifically designed to HELP CAR CARRIERS, CAR HAULING DISPATCHERS & AUTO TRANSPORT BROKERS conduct better business, faster. If you work in Auto Transport, you’ll want to Install TRUCKIFY Driver Mobile App and Sign Up For DISPATCH CENTER Auto Transport Load Board today.

MURPHY AUTO DISPATCH SERVICES Get the dispatcher you’ve always been searching for! Call Sue at (417) 273-0021 or email

DISPATCH CENTER by SUPERFLO SYSTEMS Advanced Auto Transport Load Board with Advanced Car Hauling Dispatch Features, including: “True” Load Matching, More Flexible Rate Negotiation, Self-Dispatching, More Advanced Load Searching, Back Haul Load Search, Instant Route Scout Trip Building, Drive Mobile App Load Notifications, Carrier Pro Check and Dispatch Message Center. To learn more, EMAIL: or CALL: (513) 870-5590

ACERTUS LAST MILE DELIVERY “Relentless Drive To Deliver” provides enterprise-level services: Vehicle Transport, Title & Registration, Vehicle Storage, Care Services, Compliance Services & Last Mile Delivery. To learn more, EMAIL: or CALL (855) ACERTUS [(855) 233-7887]. Carriers can sign up and be sure to learn more about VINlocity auto transport technology solutions.

GET AUTO TRANSPORT BUSINESS COACHING with CTS (Car Transport Services). Connecting OEMs, Dealers, and Auctions to Carriers. Want a successful Car Hauler Business? We care about the Auto Transport Industry! Learn more about CTS Business Coaching and Schedule an appointment or call Ty (right now): 417-483-2764.

✅ STARTING IN CAR HAULING? READ my Auto Transport Business Startup blog post.

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