Rental Car Update: New, Used, Dealer Inventory, Auto Wholesale & Fleet

Rental Car Update: New, Used, Dealer Inventory, Auto Wholesale, Fleet

There’s been a lot of news headlines lately about RENTAL CAR COMPANIES (and bankruptcies), AUTO AUCTIONS (digital vs. physical), OEM plant shutdowns (and restarts), global SUPPLY CHAIN disruptions, shortages in DEALER INVENTORY, AUTO SALES incentives and dealer digital marketing, AUTO WHOLESALE pricing, online VEHICLE RETAIL sales, and CAR HOME DELIVERY.

Yes, the numbers are important – the dollars AND the volumes – but what about the changes affecting CAR SHIPPING logistics? AUTO TRANSPORT businesses rely on being able to (somewhat) FORECAST SUPPLY AND DEMAND in order to schedule and manage their trucks and drivers. But with so many AUTOMOTIVE MARKET FLUCTUATIONS happening all at once, we need to re-examine and analyze the factors affecting CAR FLEET INVENTORY changes in order to weather the storm (and maximize efficiency) during this unprecedented global pandemic.

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Chris Brown, Executive Editor, Bobit Business Media and Auto Rental News. Click Here To Learn more about this Rental Car Update.

Bob Barton, President of Global Mobility at RentalMatics, providing Telematics Insights for Rental Fleets, and years of experience as SVP of Global Franchise Operations at Hertz.

Dan Ferrigan is the Senior Director of Business Development at RAVIN.AI North America – the world’s automated vehicle inspector – and previously worked for several years at TrueCar, Inc. in Trade Operations.

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