RAVIN.AI Automated Vehicle Inspection & Car Condition Report Software

RAVIN.AI Automated Vehicle Inspection & Car Condition Report Software

What If VEHICLE INSPECTIONS Were Automated And CONDITION REPORTS Were Generated By Machines?

Through The Long Journey Of The Life Of A Car, Damages Will Occur. That’s Why Vehicle Owners Today Endure Numerous Vehicle Inspections. However, When Vehicles Change Hands, Condition Reports Can Get Lost. But In The World Of AI, Data Remains Throughout The Entire Journey – Saving Time, Money, Headaches and Claims. Learn How RAVIN.AI Automated Vehicle Inspections Can Move The Industry Forward.

In the modern world of security surveillance cameras and high tech mobile devices, obtaining high-quality video and images of the automobiles we own, buy and sell is readily available. However, managing that amount of data and filtering the necessary parts to show a current status (and historical data series) requires incredible intelligence. RAVIN’s computer vision and machine learning software platform is focused on obtaining, storing and filtering this information to reduce the time and cost of generating meaningful inspections and condition reports required by dealers, buyers, insurance companies and repair shops worldwide. That’s the vision and power of RAVIN.

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⭐ Eliron Ekstein, CEO & Co-Founder of Ravin.AI Autonomous Vehicle Inspection Software Platform. Watch this 1-hour interview with Eliron as we discuss automotive industry technology, vehicle owner inspections, car buying condition reports, and the evolution of an electronic car shipping bill of lading. To learn more, email RAVIN.

5:40 Hello Live Chat: Join The ATI Community
20:15 Industry News: This Week In Car Shipping
47:08 ATI Information Superhighway: Numerous Vehicle Inspections
43:20 RAVIN.AI: Autonomous Vehicle Reporting VIDEO

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