ACERTUS Last Mile Delivery: Vehicle Transport, Storage, Compliance & Care

ACERTUS Last Mile Delivery: Vehicle Transport, Storage, Compliance & Care

For Automakers, Car Dealers, Auto Auctions, Car Carriers, Auto Transport Brokers and Car Shippers, Many Questions Remain. As We End The Last Day Of The Month Of March In This Year 2020, We Enter The Unknown With Hope For A Better Tomorrow. And As We Continue Our Climb Into The Hill Of New Information, We Know One Thing For Sure: We Are All In This Together.

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9:38 AUTO TRANSPORT ESSENTIAL BUSINESS INDUSTRY NEWS: In another extended edition of ATI auto transport industry news, I provide a recap of recent Coronavirus headlines, images, emails, and social media screenshots – to help us remember just how fast all of this coronavirus news has been rolling in – and to help car shipping businesses react quickly to all of the recent changes.

48:04 ACERTUS INTERVIEW with Alisha Buelt, SVP of Global Strategy. Alisha has years of experience working with carriers, and so she truly appreciates what drivers and owners go through to make deliveries on time. While hauling cars was the inception of ACERTUS, the organization has grown into serving nationwide car shipping customers, including OEMs, dealers, fleet management service providers, rental car companies, auto auction, and, of course, private individuals. (Basically, that’s EVERYBODY that might need to ship a car).

✅ To fully serve their customers, ACERTUS provides a suite of services, including vehicle transport, driveaway services, title and registration, vehicle storage, care and maintenance, compliance, and last mile delivery. From original manufacturing through the complete life cycle of the vehicle, ACERTUS delivers. To learn more, CALL: (855) ACERTUS.

ACERTUS DISCUSSION with Johnny Sterling, Director of Strategy Services. Together, Johnny and Alisha discuss how ACERTUS operates as a hub-and-spoke organization to complete the final mile of delivery with a showroom experience. Clean, on time, and at a desirable location. That’s what what makes car shipping customers happy. To join the ACERTUS carrier network, be sure to mention “ATI”!

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DISPATCH CENTER by SUPERFLO SYSTEMS Advanced Auto Transport Load Board with Advanced Car Hauling Dispatch Features, including: “True” Load Matching, More Flexible Rate Negotiation, Self-Dispatching, More Advanced Load Searching, Back Haul Load Search, Instant Route Scout Trip Building, Drive Mobile App Load Notifications, Carrier Pro Check and Dispatch Message Center. To learn more, EMAIL: or CALL: (513) 870-5590

ACERTUS LAST MILE DELIVERY “Relentless Drive To Deliver” provides enterprise-level services: Vehicle Transport, Title & Registration, Vehicle Storage, Care Services, Compliance Services & Last Mile Delivery. To learn more, EMAIL: or CALL (855) ACERTUS [(855) 233-7887]. Carriers can sign up and be sure to learn more about VINlocity auto transport technology solutions.

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