CTS Business Coaching with Ty Thompson

Maximize Your Revenue in the Car Hauling Business with
CTS Business Coaching

The key to the auto transport industry is to maximize your revenue within the car hauling business. But how do you do that?

Relationships with Better Paying Customers

Building relationships with better paying customers sounds great, right? Reality is that it’s easier said than done. CTS was created out of the need for business owners (like you) with questions requiring real, immediate, and honest conversations.


Want fresh, challenging, down-to-earth perspectives with customized advice and oftentimes a brutally honest reality check? That’s what we do here at CTS Business Coaching. We are already helping other car hauling business owners (just like you). Why not become part of the family?

One-on-One Coaching with Ty

The CTS Business Coaching program connects you one-on-one with Ty “The Transport Guy” Thompson.


Every month, you have the benefit of at least one full hour alone with Ty. You can use those 60 minutes however you like – all at once or divided into shorter increments. And when you need more time you can always purchase more time with Ty as needed.


One-on-one coaching sessions are conducted via telephone on a scheduled basis.

Who is Ty Thompson?

Ty started hauling cars in 2000. His first truck was a 1-ton 3-car trailer. He had no idea what he was doing and had never hauled a car up until that point. No load boards. No “coach.” No beginner program.


Seven short years later, Ty owns 20 brand new semis (stingers 9 cars per truck). Ty has built an incredible business and one kick ass team of guys that move a lot of cars!!



Ty built his company on RELATIONSHIPS!

Today, Ty wants to be the guy that helps YOU avoid the trials and tribulations that he went through.


Sign up for CTS Business coaching with Ty Thompson and MAXIMIZE your REVENUE in the Car Hauling Business.

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